group: net.jangaroo

fresh name packaging artifact id
Joo utils jar jangaroo-utils
Joo Runtime swc jangaroo-runtime
Joo Compiler jar jangaroo-compiler
Jangaroo-compiler-api jar jangaroo-compiler-api
jangaroo-browser swc jangaroo-browser
Exml-compiler-api jar exml-compiler-api
jooflash swc jooflash
joounit swc joounit
Exml-compiler jar exml-compiler
jangaroo-net swc jangaroo-net
properties files to ActionScript3 transformer jar properties-compiler
jooflash-core swc jooflash-core
ext-as swc ext-as
Properties-compiler-api jar properties-compiler-api
jooflexframework swc jooflexframework
jangaroo-distribution pom jangaroo-distribution
ext-js jangaroo ext-js
Jangaroo Maven Plugin maven-plugin jangaroo-maven-plugin
xmlhttprequest jangaroo xmlhttprequest
ckeditor jangaroo ckeditor
Remote Packages pom remote-packages
sencha-app-template pom sencha-app-template
sencha-touch jangaroo sencha-touch
Ckeditor4 swc ckeditor4
Maven Plugin: Ext-XML to AS3 maven-plugin ext-xml-maven-plugin
Ext-XML to AS3 transformer jar ext-xml
ext-core jangaroo ext-core
Ext-as-api-generator jar ext-as-api-generator
exml-maven-plugin maven-plugin exml-maven-plugin
jangaroo-libs-bom pom jangaroo-libs-bom
Dependency-analyzer jar dependency-analyzer
com.schillmania.soundmanager2 jangaroo com.schillmania.soundmanager2
sencha-test-app-template pom sencha-test-app-template
sencha-touch-as jangaroo sencha-touch-as
smartsprites-maven-plugin maven-plugin smartsprites-maven-plugin
Jangaroo WebJars Maven Plugin maven-plugin webjars-maven-plugin
Exml-converter jar exml-converter
jangaroo-libs-doc pom jangaroo-libs-doc
Jangaroo standard libraries parent pom jangaroo-libs-parent
Jangaroo Build Lifecycle + Artifact Handling maven-plugin jangaroo-lifecycle
Jangaroo standard libraries pom jangaroo-libs
Jangaroo Parent pom jangaroo-parent
jangaroo-sdk pom jangaroo-sdk

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