group: net.flexmojos.oss

fresh name packaging artifact id
Flexmojos Generator api jar flexmojos-generator-api
Flexmojos Unit Test support swc flexmojos-unittest-support
Flexmojos util jar flexmojos-util
Flexmojos Tester api jar flexmojos-tester
Flexmojos Flex compiler jar flexmojos-flex-compiler
Flexmojos Configurator jar flexmojos-configurator
Flexmojos ThreadLocalToolkit wrapper jar flexmojos-threadlocaltoolkit-wrapper
Flexmojos Maven Plugin maven-plugin flexmojos-maven-plugin
Flexmojos Test Coverage reported jar flexmojos-coverage-reporter
Flexmojos Generator - Internal ifaces generator jar flexmojos-generator-internal-compiler-iface
Flexmojos Generator - Constraints jar flexmojos-generator-constraints
Flexmojos Generator Plugin maven-plugin flexmojos-generator-mojo
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 2.3.0 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-2.3.0
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 3.1.0 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-3.1.0
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 2.3.2 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-2.3.2
Flexmojos Parent pom flexmojos-parent
Flexmojos-sample-configurator jar flexmojos-sample-configurator
Flexmojos Sandbox pom flexmojos-sandbox
Flexmojos Unit Test Coverage swc flexmojos-test-coverage
Flexmojos Integration Tests jar flexmojos-test-harness
Flexmojos Testing pom flexmojos-testing
Flexmojos Unit Test support - parent pom flexmojos-unittest
Flexmojos Unit Test support - advancedflex swc flexmojos-unittest-advancedflex
Flexmojos Unit Test support - asunit swc flexmojos-unittest-asunit
Flexmojos Archetypes pom flexmojos-archetypes
Flexmojos Unit Test support - flexunit 4 swc flexmojos-unittest-flexunit4
Flexmojos Unit Test support - fluint swc flexmojos-unittest-fluint
Flexmojos Unit Test support - funit swc flexmojos-unittest-funit
Flexmojos Unit Test support - flexunit swc flexmojos-unittest-flexunit
Flexmojos Archetypes - flex-application jar flexmojos-archetypes-application
Flexmojos Archetypes - flex-library jar flexmojos-archetypes-library
Flexmojos Archetypes - flex-mobile-application jar flexmojos-archetypes-mobile-application
Flexmojos Archetypes - modular web application jar flexmojos-archetypes-modular-webapp
Flexmojos Flex2 compatibility layer jar flexmojos-flex2-compatibility-layer
Flexmojos Flex3 compatibility layer jar flexmojos-flex3-compatibility-layer
Flexmojos Generator pom flexmojos-generator
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 1.1.0 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-1.1.0
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 2.0.0 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-2.0.0
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 2.1.0 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-2.1.0
Flexmojos Generator - graniteds 2.2.0 jar flexmojos-generator-graniteds-2.2.0
Flexmojos Generator - Internal Flex2 generator jar flexmojos-generator-internal-flex2
Flexmojos Generator - Internal Threadlocal generator jar flexmojos-generator-internal-threadlocal
Flexmojos Nexus Plugin nexus-plugin flexmojos-nexus-plugin

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