group: net.anotheria

fresh name packaging artifact id
moskito core jar moskito-core
ano-utils jar ano-util
ConfigureMe jar configureme
moskito embedded web user interface jar moskito-webui enterprise class utils jar ano-prise
anotheria micro action framework jar ano-maf
distributeme-core jar distributeme-core
moskito web support jar moskito-web
anotheria net utils jar ano-net taglibs jar ano-tags
DistributeMe runtime support services jar distributeme-support presentation logic and stateful services jar ano-plass
distributeme generator extensions jar distributeme-generator db utils jar ano-db communication utils jar ano-comm
anotheria web utils jar ano-web
notification providers jar moskito-notification-providers
moskito inspect embedded jar moskito-inspect-embedded
moskito aop jar moskito-aop document generation framework jar ano-doc
moskito embedded web rest interface - jersey support jar moskito-inspect-jersey
DistributeMe mobile agents jar distributeme-agents
sampling api jar moskito-sampling-api
moskito disk space monitoring jar moskito-disk-space-monitoring access control system jar ano-access
moskito inspect support for remote inspect connection jar moskito-inspect-remote
moskito generic monitoring plugin jar moskito-monitoring-plugin site engine jar ano-site
Moskito-php jar moskito-php
moskito sql integration jar moskito-sql
DistributeMe Consul registry connector jar distributeme-consul-registry-connector
moskito embedded web rest interface - jersey support jar moskito-webui-jersey
moskito tomcat jar moskito-tomcat
moskito central snapshot storage jar moskito-central
Anotheria Parent POM pom parent
Anodoc projects parent pom pom ano-doc-parent
ano-photoserver jar ano-photoserver search support jar ano-search
AnoSite projects parent pom for cms part pom ano-site-cms
AnoSite Parents pom ano-site-parents
AnoSite projects standalone pom pom ano-site-standalone
AnoSite projects parent pom for standalone apps pom ano-site-webapp
ano-uitest name jar ano-uitest
distributeme-parent pom distributeme-parent
distributeme-registry war distributeme-registry
distributeme-registrywatcher jar distributeme-registrywatcher
distributeme-test - a package with regression test classes that should fail if the generator doesn't support all needed options jar distributeme-test
IdBased Lock jar idbasedlock
AnoDoc Generator for Maven maven-plugin maven-ano-doc-plugin
MoSKito pom moskito
additional producers jar moskito-additional-producers
moskito cdi integration jar moskito-cdi
moskito demonstration webapp war moskitodemo
moskito ehcache integration jar moskito-ehcache
moskito extensions aggregator pom moskito-extensions
MoSKito Inspect Standalone Application war moskito-inspect-standalone
moskito integration aggregator pom moskito-integration
moskito-javaagent jar moskito-javaagent
moskito minimal webapp war moskitominimal
moskito mongodb monitoring jar moskito-mongodb
moskito-saas-plugin jar moskito-saas-plugin
moskito springboot integration jar moskito-springboot
moskito monitoring application for different webui instances war moskito-webcontrol

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