group: net.aequologica.neo

fresh name packaging artifact id
geppaequo-tags jar geppaequo-tags
ολικός pom holos
geppaequo-core jar geppaequo-core
geppaequo-web war geppaequo-web
geppaequo-cmis jar geppaequo-cmis
Geppaequo-git jar geppaequo-git
geppaequo-config jar geppaequo-config
Buildhub-neo jar buildhub-neo
Dagr-model jar dagr-model
Shakuntala-test jar shakuntala-test
Dagr-core jar dagr-core
Parole-core jar parole-core
Quintessence-core jar quintessence-core
Buildhub-core jar buildhub-core
Dagr-web war dagr-web
Buildhub-web war buildhub-web
Parole-web war parole-web
Buildhub-persist jar buildhub-persist
net.aequologica.neo:chat war chat
Tuhao-core jar tuhao-core
Quintessence-web war quintessence-web
Garance jar garance
Shakuntala-doc jar shakuntala-doc
Dagr-vebchar jar dagr-vebchar
Buildhub-vebchar jar buildhub-vebchar
geppaequo-testutils jar geppaequo-testutils
Tuhao-web war tuhao-web
Lifebuoy jar lifebuoy
hello-CDI-on-java-SE-world war hello-CDI-on-java-SE-world
parole pom parole
geppaequo-waffle war geppaequo-waffle
geppaequo-uuid jar geppaequo-uuid
quintessence pom quintessence
geppaequo-cdi war geppaequo-cdi
geppaequo pom geppaequo
runciter war runciter
shakuntala pom shakuntala
shakuntala-core jar shakuntala-core
dagr pom dagr
buildhub pom buildhub
Shakuntala-utils jar shakuntala-utils
tuhao pom tuhao
Buildhub-cli jar buildhub-cli
μείωση pom meios

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