group: mule

fresh name packaging artifact id
Mule dtd mule
Mule-axis-provider jar mule-axis-provider
Mule-core jar mule-core
Mule-dq-provider jar mule-dq-provider
Mule-ejb-provider jar mule-ejb-provider
Mule-email-provider jar mule-email-provider
Mule-extras-acegi jar mule-extras-acegi
Mule-extras-client jar mule-extras-client
Mule-extras-groovy jar mule-extras-groovy
Mule-extras-hivemind jar mule-extras-hivemind
Mule-extras-jotm jar mule-extras-jotm
Mule-extras-pgp jar mule-extras-pgp
Mule-extras-picocontainer jar mule-extras-picocontainer
Mule-extras-plexus jar mule-extras-plexus
Mule-extras-pxe jar mule-extras-pxe
Mule-extras-spring jar mule-extras-spring
Mule-extras-tyrex jar mule-extras-tyrex
Mule-file-provider jar mule-file-provider
Mule-ftp-provider jar mule-ftp-provider
Mule-gigaspaces-provider jar mule-gigaspaces-provider
Mule-glue-provider jar mule-glue-provider
Mule-http-provider jar mule-http-provider
Mule-i18n_ja_jp jar mule-i18n_ja_JP
Mule-jbi-provider jar mule-jbi-provider
Mule-jbi-spec jar mule-jbi-spec
Mule-jca rar mule-jca
Mule-jca-jboss rar mule-jca-jboss
Mule-jdbc-provider jar mule-jdbc-provider
Mule-jms-provider jar mule-jms-provider
Mule-multicast-provider jar mule-multicast-provider
Mule-oracle-jms-provider jar mule-oracle-jms-provider
Mule-quartz-provider jar mule-quartz-provider
Mule-ra rar mule-ra
Mule-rmi-provider jar mule-rmi-provider
Mule-servlet-provider jar mule-servlet-provider
Mule-soap-provider jar mule-soap-provider
Mule-space-provider jar mule-space-provider
Mule-spring dtd mule-spring
Mule-ssl-provider jar mule-ssl-provider
Mule-stream-provider jar mule-stream-provider
Mule-tcp-provider jar mule-tcp-provider
Mule-udp-provider jar mule-udp-provider
Mule-vm-provider jar mule-vm-provider
Mule-xfire-provider jar mule-xfire-provider
Mule-xmpp-provider jar mule-xmpp-provider
Mini-mule mini-mule
Scm distribution-tgz scm

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