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fresh name packaging artifact id
Maven Java Plugin plugin maven-java-plugin
Maven jar maven
Maven Model jar maven-model
dom4j jar dom4j
Maven Jelly Tag Library jar maven-jelly-tags
commons-jelly jar commons-jelly
Maven Jar Plugin jar maven-jar-plugin
Velocity jar velocity
Maven Checkstyle Plugin plugin maven-checkstyle-plugin
Maven Javadoc Plugin jar maven-javadoc-plugin
Maven NSIS Plugin jar maven-nsis-plugin
Maven Abbot plugin plugin maven-abbot-plugin
Maven-jetty-plugin plugin maven-jetty-plugin
Maven WAR Plugin jar maven-war-plugin
Maven Artifact jar maven-artifact
Maven-dependency-plugin jar maven-dependency-plugin
Maven JCoverage plugin plugin maven-jcoverage-plugin
Maven PMD Plugin jar maven-pmd-plugin
Wagon API jar wagon-api
Maven Javacc Plugin plugin maven-javacc-plugin
Maven JXR Plug-in plugin maven-jxr-plugin
Maven-struts-plugin plugin maven-struts-plugin
Maven Test Plugin jar maven-test-plugin
Maven Latex Plug-in plugin maven-latex-plugin
Maven J2EE Plugin plugin maven-j2ee-plugin
Maven-junit-doclet-plugin plugin maven-junit-doclet-plugin
Maven-it-support jar maven-it-support
Maven-deploy-plugin plugin maven-deploy-plugin
Maven AspectJ Plugin plugin maven-aspectj-plugin
Maven Changes Plugin plugin maven-changes-plugin
Maven Clean Plugin plugin maven-clean-plugin
Maven Source Control Management Plugin jar maven-scm-plugin
Maven JUnit Report Plugin plugin maven-junit-report-plugin
Maven Jalopy Plugin jar maven-jalopy-plugin
Maven-jboss-plugin plugin maven-jboss-plugin
Maven-jbuilder-plugin plugin maven-jbuilder-plugin
Maven-jdee-plugin plugin maven-jdee-plugin
Maven JDepend Plugin plugin maven-jdepend-plugin
Maven-jdeveloper-plugin plugin maven-jdeveloper-plugin
Maven JDiff Plugin jar maven-jdiff-plugin
Maven JellyDoc Plug-in plugin maven-jellydoc-plugin
Maven JIRA Plug-in plugin maven-jira-plugin
Maven JNLP Plug-in plugin maven-jnlp-plugin
Maven Latka Plug-in plugin maven-latka-plugin
Maven-license-plugin plugin maven-license-plugin
Maven LinkCheck Plugin jar maven-linkcheck-plugin
Maven Modello Plugin javadoc.jar maven-modello-plugin
Maven MultiChanges Plugin jar maven-multichanges-plugin
Maven Multi-Project Plugin jar maven-multiproject-plugin
Maven Native Plug-in plugin maven-native-plugin
Maven OSGi Plugin plugin maven-osgi-plugin
Maven PDF Plugin jar maven-pdf-plugin
Maven Plugin Plugin jar maven-plugin-plugin
Maven POM Plugin plugin maven-pom-plugin
Maven RAR Plugin plugin maven-rar-plugin
Maven-reactor-plugin jar maven-reactor-plugin
Maven Release Plug-in plugin maven-release-plugin
Maven-repository-plugin plugin maven-repository-plugin
Maven-shell-plugin jar maven-shell-plugin
Maven Simian Plugin plugin maven-simian-plugin
Maven Site Plugin jar maven-site-plugin
Maven Source Plugin plugin maven-source-plugin
Maven-statcvs-plugin plugin maven-statcvs-plugin
Maven Tasklist Plug-in plugin maven-tasklist-plugin
Maven-tjdo-plugin jar maven-tjdo-plugin
Maven-touchstone-partner-plugin plugin maven-touchstone-partner-plugin
Maven-touchstone-plugin plugin maven-touchstone-plugin
Maven-uberjar-plugin plugin maven-uberjar-plugin
Maven-vdoclet-plugin plugin maven-vdoclet-plugin
Maven-was40-plugin jar maven-was40-plugin
Maven-webserver-plugin jar maven-webserver-plugin
Maven-wizard-plugin plugin maven-wizard-plugin
Maven-word2html-plugin plugin maven-word2html-plugin
Maven XDoc Plugin jar maven-xdoc-plugin
Wagon wagon
Wagon-file jar wagon-file
Wagon-ftp jar wagon-ftp
Wagon-http jar wagon-http
Lightweight Wagon HTTP provider jar wagon-http-lightweight
Wagon-provider jar wagon-provider
Wagon-provider-api jar wagon-provider-api
Wagon HTTP provider jar wagon-provider-common
Wagon HTTP provider jar wagon-provider-parent
Wagon-scm jar wagon-scm
Wagon SSH provider jar wagon-ssh
Wagon-ssh-external jar wagon-ssh-external
Maven-activity-plugin jar maven-activity-plugin
Maven Announcement Plugin jar maven-announcement-plugin
Maven Antlr Plugin plugin maven-antlr-plugin
Maven Ant Plugin plugin maven-ant-plugin
Maven-appserver-plugin jar maven-appserver-plugin
Maven Artifact Plugin jar maven-artifact-plugin
Maven-ashkelon-plugin plugin maven-ashkelon-plugin
Maven-aspectwerkz-plugin plugin maven-aspectwerkz-plugin
Maven-cactus-plugin plugin maven-cactus-plugin
Maven-caller-plugin plugin maven-caller-plugin
Maven-castor-plugin plugin maven-castor-plugin
Maven Changelog Plugin jar maven-changelog-plugin
Maven Clover Plugin jar maven-clover-plugin
Maven Console Plugin plugin maven-console-plugin
Maven Cruise Control Plugin plugin maven-cruisecontrol-plugin
Maven Dashboard Plugin plugin maven-dashboard-plugin
Maven Developer Activity Plugin jar maven-developer-activity-plugin
Maven Distribution Plugin jar maven-dist-plugin
Maven-docbook-plugin plugin maven-docbook-plugin
Maven EAR Plugin plugin maven-ear-plugin
Maven Eclipse Plugin jar maven-eclipse-plugin
Maven EJB Plugin jar maven-ejb-plugin
Maven FAQ Plug-in plugin maven-faq-plugin
Maven File Activity Plugin jar maven-file-activity-plugin
Maven Genapp Plugin plugin maven-genapp-plugin
Maven-graph-plugin jar maven-graph-plugin
Maven Gump Plug-in plugin maven-gump-plugin
Maven Hibernate Plug-in plugin maven-hibernate-plugin
Maven Html2XDoc Plug-in plugin maven-html2xdoc-plugin
Maven IDEA Plugin jar maven-idea-plugin
Maven-importscrubber-plugin jar maven-importscrubber-plugin
Maven-it-support-parent maven-it-support-parent

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