group: marmalade

fresh name packaging artifact id
Marmalade Core jar marmalade-core
Marmalade Utilities jar marmalade-utils
Ant Compatibility Layer jar marmalade-compat-ant
Commons-El Expression Library jar marmalade-el-commons
Jelly Compatibility Layer jar marmalade-compat-jelly
Jelly Common (Abstract) Tags jar marmalade-jelly-common
Basic I/O Tag Library jar marmalade-tags-io
OGNL Expression Library jar marmalade-el-ognl
Jelly Core Tag Library jar marmalade-tags-jelly-core
JSTL Core Tag Library jar marmalade-tags-jstl-core
Marmalade-testing-tools jar marmalade-testing-tools
Marmalade Tag Libraries Base marmalade-taglibs
Marmalade Parent Project marmalade-parent
Marmalade-site jar marmalade-site
Marmalade jar marmalade
Collections Tag Library jar marmalade-tags-collections
HTTPUnit Tag Library jar marmalade-tags-httpunit
Inert Documentation Tag Library jar marmalade-tags-inertDoco
Jelly Common (Abstract) Tags jar marmalade-tags-jelly-common

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