group: li.rudin.mavenjs

fresh name packaging artifact id
Mavenjs-lib-bootstrap jar mavenjs-lib-bootstrap
Mavenjs-lib-jquery jar mavenjs-lib-jquery
Mavenjs-lib-requirejs jar mavenjs-lib-requirejs
Mavenjs-core jar mavenjs-core
Bootstrap jar bootstrap
Mavenjs-lib-mv jar mavenjs-lib-mv
Requirejs jar requirejs
Mavenjs-servlet jar mavenjs-servlet
Mavenjs-server jar mavenjs-server
Mavenjs-lib-knockout jar mavenjs-lib-knockout
Mavenjs-lib-es5-shim jar mavenjs-lib-es5-shim
Jquery jar jquery
Mavenjs-lib-crossroads jar mavenjs-lib-crossroads
Mavenjs-lib-handlebars jar mavenjs-lib-handlebars
Mavenjs-api jar mavenjs-api
Mavenjs-lib-signals jar mavenjs-lib-signals
Mavenjs-lib-bootstrap-base jar mavenjs-lib-bootstrap-base
Mavenjs-lib-datetimeinput jar mavenjs-lib-datetimeinput
Flot jar flot
Crossroads jar crossroads
Sha1 jar sha1
Mavenjs-lib-flot jar mavenjs-lib-flot
Knockout jar knockout
Mavenjs-lib-moment jar mavenjs-lib-moment
Handlebars jar handlebars
Moment jar moment
Mavenjs-lib-template-base jar mavenjs-lib-template-base
Mavenjs-lib-bootstrap-cyborg jar mavenjs-lib-bootstrap-cyborg
Mavenjs-lib-login jar mavenjs-lib-login
Qunit jar qunit
Mavenjs-lib-sha1 jar mavenjs-lib-sha1
Underscore jar underscore
Mavenjs-test-app jar mavenjs-test-app
Signals jar signals
Mavenjs-lib-deferred jar mavenjs-lib-deferred
Mavenjs-lib-leaflet jar mavenjs-lib-leaflet
Mavenjs-lib-charting jar mavenjs-lib-charting
Mavenjs-lib-bootstrap-template jar mavenjs-lib-bootstrap-template
Mavenjs-lib-blackops jar mavenjs-lib-blackops
Mavenjs-lib pom mavenjs-lib
Mavenjs-lib-rest jar mavenjs-lib-rest
Mavenjs-doc jar mavenjs-doc
Mavenjs-compiler-coffeescript jar mavenjs-compiler-coffeescript
Mavenjs-lib-svg-databind jar mavenjs-lib-svg-databind
Mavenjs-compiler pom mavenjs-compiler
Mavenjs-maven-plugin maven-plugin mavenjs-maven-plugin
Mavenjs-optimizer jar mavenjs-optimizer
Mavenjs pom mavenjs
Leaflet jar leaflet
Mavenjs-test pom mavenjs-test
Ajax-utils jar ajax-utils
Mavenjs-test-war war mavenjs-test-war
Es5-shim jar es5-shim
D3 jar d3
Ramda jar ramda
Backbone jar backbone
Augment jar augment
Mavenjs-lib-es6-shim jar mavenjs-lib-es6-shim
Mavenjs-lib-jquery-lazy jar mavenjs-lib-jquery-lazy

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