group: jpox

fresh name packaging artifact id
JPOX-Core jar jpox
JPOX-Core jar jpox-core
JPOX-Enhancer jar jpox-enhancer
JPOX EHCache plugin jar jpox-ehcache
JPOX DBCP plugin jar jpox-dbcp
JPOX-TestFramework jar jpox-testframework
ThirdParty stubs jar jpox-thirdparty
JPOX-RDBMS jar jpox-rdbms
JPOX Tangosol plugin jar jpox-tangosol
JPOX XMLTypeOracle plugin jar jpox-xmltypeoracle
JPOX C3P0 plugin jar jpox-c3p0
JPOX parent pom jpox-parent
JPOX Proxool plugin jar jpox-proxool
JPOX OSCache plugin jar jpox-oscache
JPOX Shell plugin jar jpox-shell
JPOX Spatial New plugin jar jpox-spatial
JPOX Spatial New plugin jar jpox-spatialnew
JPOX Spatial Oracle plugin jar jpox-spatialoracle
JPOX SpringFramework plugin jar jpox-springframework
JPOX SwarmCache plugin jar jpox-swarmcache
JPOX Mx4j plugin jar jpox-mx4j
JPOX Java5 Enum plugin jpox-java5enum
JPOX Java5 plugin jar jpox-java5
JPOX DB4O plugin jar jpox-db4o

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