group: jboss

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jboss-annotations-ejb3 jar jboss-annotations-ejb3
JBoss J2EE jar jboss-j2ee
JBoss Common Build jar jboss-common
Javassist jar javassist
Jboss-serialization jar jboss-serialization
JBoss Security Implementation for the JBAS jar jbosssx
Jboss-jmx jar jboss-jmx
Jboss-remoting jar jboss-remoting
Jboss-system jar jboss-system
JBossNS Client jar jnp-client
Ejb3 jar ejb3
Jbpm jar jbpm
Jboss jar jboss
JBoss Logging Log4j jar jboss-common-logging-log4j
JBoss Cache jar jboss-cache
JBoss Logging Programming Interface jar jboss-logging-spi
Jboss-aop-jdk50 jar jboss-aop-jdk50
Jboss-aspect-jdk50-client jar jboss-aspect-jdk50-client
JBoss Logging Log4j jar jboss-logging-log4j
Jboss-transaction jar jboss-transaction
JBoss Test jar jboss-test
Jboss-transaction-client jar jboss-transaction-client
Jboss-ejb3x jar jboss-ejb3x
JBoss Application Server Client jar jboss-client
JBoss Seam jar jboss-seam
JBoss Logging Programming Interface jar jboss-common-logging-spi
Jboss-cache-jdk50 jar jboss-cache-jdk50
JBoss Logging JDK jar jboss-common-logging-jdk
JBoss Common Classes jar jboss-common-core
Jnpserver jar jnpserver
Jboss-minimal jar jboss-minimal
Jbossall-client jar jbossall-client
Jboss-archive-browsing jar jboss-archive-browsing
JBoss Logging JDK jar jboss-logging-jdk
Jboss-ejb3 jar jboss-ejb3
JBoss Security Client jar jbosssx-client
JBossHA jar jbossha
Jboss-jsr77 jar jboss-jsr77
Jboss-backport-concurrent jar jboss-backport-concurrent
Jmx-adaptor-plugin jar jmx-adaptor-plugin
Jboss-j2se jar jboss-j2se
JBoss Kernel jar jboss-kernel
JBoss XML Binding jar jbossxb
Jboss-common-client jar jboss-common-client
Jboss-common-jdbc-wrapper jar jboss-common-jdbc-wrapper
JBoss AOP jar jboss-aop
Jboss-el jar jboss-el
Jboss-jaas jar jboss-jaas
Jbossws-spi jar jbossws-spi
JBoss Retro jar jbossretro
JBoss Container jar jboss-container
Jnet jar jnet
Jbossws-framework jar jbossws-framework
Jboss-jmx-rmi-connector-client jar jboss-jmx-rmi-connector-client
Jbosscx-client jar jbosscx-client
Jboss-aop-jdk50-client jar jboss-aop-jdk50-client
Jboss-ejb-api jar jboss-ejb-api
Jbossws-common jar jbossws-common
JBoss Dependency jar jboss-dependency
JBoss Security SPI jar jboss-security-spi
Jboss-ejb3-client jar jboss-ejb3-client
JBossMQ Client jar jbossmq-client
Jrunit jar jrunit
Jboss-seam-hibernate-all jar jboss-seam-hibernate-all
Jboss-seam-thirdparty-all jar jboss-seam-thirdparty-all
JBoss Seam UI jar jboss-seam-ui
JBoss Parent POM pom jboss-parent
Jboss-net-client jar jboss-net-client
Jbossmq jar jbossmq
JBoss Microcontainer Metatype jar jboss-metatype
Jboss-management jar jboss-management
Jboss-system-client jar jboss-system-client
axis-ws4ee jar axis-ws4ee
Jboss-boot jar jboss-boot
Jbossjta jar jbossjta
JBoss VFS jar jboss-vfs
Jboss-jsr77-client jar jboss-jsr77-client
Jbossjmx-ant jar jbossjmx-ant
Jbossws-jboss50 jar jbossws-jboss50
Jboss-el-api jar jboss-el-api
JBoss XACML jar jboss-xacml
JBoss XACML Build pom jboss-xacml-project
Jboss-jaxws jar jboss-jaxws
JBoss AOP/Microcontainer Integration jar jboss-aop-mc-int
Jboss-embedded-all jar jboss-embedded-all
Jboss-iiop-client jar jboss-iiop-client
Jboss-iiop jar jboss-iiop
Jbossha-client jar jbossha-client
JBoss ported Object Joram JMS tests jar joramtests
Jpl-pattern jar jpl-pattern
Jpl-util jar jpl-util
Profilerconsole jar profilerConsole
Mobicents jar mobicents
Mobicents RA Archetype maven-plugin mobicents-ra-archetype
Mobicents RA Mavenization Archetype jar mobicents-ra-mavenization-archetype
Mobicents RA Plugin maven-plugin mobicents-ra-plugin
Mobicents Sbb Plugin maven-plugin mobicents-sbb-plugin
Pojocache jar pojocache
JBoss Seam Debug jar jboss-seam-debug

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