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[![Build Status](https://drone.io/bitbucket.org/tidalwave/thesefoolishthings-superpom-src/status.png)](https://drone.io/bitbucket.org/tidalwave/thesefoolishthings-superpom-src/latest) A feature-rich SuperPOM for building Java projects. It features: * explicit version configuration for a number of plugins; * easy configurability by means of pre-defined properties to avoid cut & copy of plugin sections. A number of profiles, easily activatable, are available for: * Spring-AOP configuration; * different kinds of Continous Integration tasks, including a full run of QA tools such as JaCoCo, FindBugs, PMD, etc... * deploying WARs and locally running them with Tomcat or Jetty; * creating a Mac OS X bundle for JavaFX applications; * creating .deb packages for both application and services; * a customized release cycle, including all requirements for the Maven Central such as signing, with a 'transactional' behaviour (all artifacts, both the DSCM and the Maven artifacts are prepared on the local disk, so they can be uploaded in a second moment); Remember to customise it ------------------------ If you use it, please remember to change the ```description```,```url```, ```organization```, ```developers```, ```license```, etc... to override those related to the development of this POM.

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