group: it.tidalwave.solidblue

fresh name packaging artifact id
Actors nbm it-tidalwave-actor
SolidBlue - Integrity Checker nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker
SolidBlue - Scan Archive nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-archive
OpenBlueSky - NetBeans Actors nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-actor
SolidBlue - Integrity Checker UI nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-ui
SolidBlue - Application nbm-application it-tidalwave-solidblue-application
SolidBlue - Integrity Checker Provider nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-provider
SolidBlue - Branding nbm it-tidalwave-solidblue-branding
SolidBlue - Application Customization nbm it-tidalwave-solidblue-application-customization
SolidBlue - Scan Archive UI nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-archive-ui
OpenBlueSky - Simple Modes nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-simplemodes
SolidBlue - Integrity Checker UI (NetBeans Platform) nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-ui-netbeans
SolidBlue - Scan Archive Provider nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-archive-provider
SolidBlue - Scan Archive Creation Confirmation (NetBeans Platform) nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-archive-createconfirmation-ui-netbeans
SolidBlue - Scan Archive UI (NetBeans Platform) nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-archive-ui-netbeans
OpenBlueSky - Look and Feel nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-lookandfeel
OpenBlueSky - NetBeans Actors UI nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-actor-ui
SolidBlue - Integrity Checker UI (Swing) nbm it-tidalwave-integritychecker-ui-swing
OpenBlueSky - Look and Feel (Quaqua Customizations) nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-lookandfeel-ui-quaqua
SolidBlue - Boot jar it-tidalwave-solidblue-boot
SolidBlue (master) pom it-tidalwave-solidblue
SolidBlue - Installers, Mac OS X jar it-tidalwave-solidblue-macosx
SolidBlue (modules) pom it-tidalwave-solidblue-modules
SolidBlue (application) nbm-application solidblue-application
SolidBlue - Installer, Mac OS X jar solidblue-macosx
SolidBlue - Installer, Mac OS X with embedded JRE jar solidblue-macosx-embedded-jre
SolidBlue (master) pom solidblue-master
SolidBlue (modules) pom solidblue-modules

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