group: it.tidalwave.netbeans

fresh name packaging artifact id
OpenBlueSky - Utilities nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-util
OpenBlueSky - Test Utilities nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-util-test
OpenBlueSky - Role Provider nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-capabilitiesprovider
OpenBlueSky - Nodes Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-nodes
OpenBlueSky - Swing Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-swing
OpenBlueSky - Hierarchy nbm it-tidalwave-hierarchy
OpenBlueSky - Windows Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-windows
OpenBlueSky - Roles nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-role
OpenBlueSky - Persistence nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-persistence
OpenBlueSky - JPA for the NetBeans Platform nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-jpa
OpenBlueSky - Workspace Manager nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-workspacemanager
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 1 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example1
OpenBlueSky - Persistence SPI nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-persistence-spi
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 2 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example2
OpenBlueSky - Explorer Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-explorer
OpenBlueSky - Hierarchy: Simple implementation nbm it-tidalwave-hierarchy-spi-simple
OpenBlueSky - Workspace Manager Provider nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-workspacemanager-impl
OpenBlueSky - Visual Library Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-visual
OpenBlueSky - Action Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-actions
OpenBlueSky - Logger Configuration nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-loggerconfiguration
OpenBlueSky - Persistence Provider nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-persistence-impl
OpenBlueSky - Look and Feel nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-lookandfeel
OpenBlueSky - Hierarchy Node nbm it-tidalwave-hierarchy-node
OpenBlueSky - Indexed FileSystem nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-indexedfilesystem
OpenBlueSky - Look and Feel (Quaqua Customizations) nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-lookandfeel-ui-quaqua
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 6 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example6
OpenBlueSky - Drag and Drop nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-draganddrop
OpenBlueSky - RendezVous nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-rendezvous
OpenBlueSky - Persistence Maintenance nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-persistence-maintenance
OpenBlueSky - DataObject Enhancements nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-loaders
OpenBlueSky - Utilities for Android jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-util-android
OpenBlueSky - NetBeans Platform Utilities for Android jar it-tidalwave-android-org-openide-util
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 5 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example5
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 7 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example7
OpenBlueSky - License Panel nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-licensepanel
OpenBlueSky - Hierarchy Explorer nbm it-tidalwave-hierarchy-explorer
OpenBlueSky - FileSystem Sync nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-filesystem-sync
OpenBlueSky - Docking nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-docking
OpenBlueSky - Sound Player nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-soundplayer
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 8 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example8
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 4 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example4
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes Example 3 jar it-tidalwave-netbeans-examples-nodes-example3
OpenBlueSky - DownloadProgressPane nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-downloadprogresspane
OpenBlueSky - Automated Testing nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-automatedtests
OpenBlueSky - About nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-about
Tidalwave NetBeans Platform Application Archetype maven-archetype netbeans-platform-application-archetype
Tidalwave NetBeans Platform Archetype maven-archetype netbeans-platform-archetype
Tidalwave NetBeans Platform Archetypes pom netbeans-platform-archetypes
OpenBlueSky (master) pom openbluesky
OpenBlueSky Examples (master) pom openbluesky-examples
OpenBlueSky Examples - Nodes (master) pom openbluesky-examples-nodes
OpenBlueSky - Indexed DataObject nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-indexeddataobject
OpenBlueSky (modules) pom openbluesky-modules
OpenBlueSky - Rename File Action nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-filesystem-renameaction
OpenBlueSky - FileSystem Node nbm it-tidalwave-netbeans-filesystem-node

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