group: it.tidalwave.bluebill

fresh name packaging artifact id
blueBill - Observation jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-observation
blueBill - Taxonomy jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy
blueBill - Semantic Aux jar it-tidalwave-semantic-aux
Mobile Utilities jar it-tidalwave-mobile-utilities
JSON jar json
blueBill - Semantic I/O jar it-tidalwave-semantic-io
blueBill - Observation (Simple) jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-observation-simple
blueBill - FactSheet jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-factsheet
blueBill Mobile - Core jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile
Observation jar it-tidalwave-observation
RDF+JSON jar it-tidalwave-semantic-io-json
blueBill - FactSheet: XenoCanto jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-factsheet-xenocanto
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds
blueBill Mobile - Commons jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-commons
blueBill Mobile - Taxonomy (Mobile) jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-mobile
blueBill - Observation (Simple) RDF jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-observation-simple-rdf
blueBill Mobile - FactSheet: BBC jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-factsheet-bbc
Android Patch: XML DataType jar it-tidalwave-android-javax-xml-datatype
Observation (Simple) jar it-tidalwave-observation-simple
blueBill - Taxonomy 2 jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy2
blueBill Stats - Core jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-core
blueBill Mobile - Taxonomy jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-taxonomy
Mobile XML jar it-tidalwave-xml
Android Utilities jar it-tidalwave-android-utilities
blueBill - Taxonomy (Elmo Implementation) jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-elmo
Mobile Utilities RDF jar it-tidalwave-mobile-utilities-rdf
blueBill Mobile for Android - App apk bluebill-mobile-android
blueBill Stats - Commons jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-commons
blueBill Stats - Test Commons jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-test-commons
Observation (Simple) RDF jar it-tidalwave-observation-simple-rdf
blueBill Mobile - News jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-news
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: EBN Italia 2003 rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-ebn-italia-2003
blueBill Mobile - Splash jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-splash
blueBill Stats - UI jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-ui
blueBill Mobile - Taxonomy FactSheet jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-taxonomy-factsheet
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: AOU 7th edition rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-aou-7th
blueBill Stats - REST jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-rest
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: Roberts VII rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-roberts-vii
blueBill Stats - JPA jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-jpa
blueBill Mobile for Android - Commons jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-android-common
blueBill Mobile - Observation jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-observation
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: EBN Italia 2011 rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-ebn-italia-2011
blueBill Mobile for Android - Taxonomy FactSheet apklib it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-android-taxonomy-factsheet
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: ITIS rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-itis
blueBill - FactSheet: Wikipedia Photos jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-factsheet-wikipedia-photos
blueBill - FactSheet: Wikipedia jar it-tidalwave-bluebill-factsheet-wikipedia
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: Birds of India 2009 rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-birdsofindia-2009
blueBill Mobile for Android - News apklib it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-android-news
blueBill Mobile - AWT/Swing Android jar it-tidalwave-android-awt
Android Patch: Semantic I/O jar it-tidalwave-android-it-tidalwave-semantic-io
Android Patch: OpenSesame Model jar it-tidalwave-android-org-openrdf-sesame-model
blueBill Stats - Vaadin Webapp war it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-webapp-vaadin
blueBill Stats - Vaadin UI war it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-ui-vaadin
blueBill - Taxonomy Birds: Clements 6.3.2 rdf it-tidalwave-bluebill-taxonomy-birds-clements-2008
blueBill Stats - Legacy Web war it-tidalwave-bluebill-stats-legacyweb
blueBill Mobile Website war it-tidalwave-bluebill-mobile-website
blueBill Mobile for Android (apk parent POM) pom android-superpom
blueBill Stats (modules) pom bluebill-stats-modules
blueBill Stats (master) pom bluebill-stats
blueBill - Resources (modules) pom bluebill-resources-modules
blueBill - Resources (master) pom bluebill-resources
blueBill - Resources Generator jar bluebill-mobile-resources-generator
blueBill - Mobile Resources jar bluebill-mobile-resources
blueBill Mobile for Android - Integration Tests apk bluebill-mobile-android-test-integration
blueBill Mobile for Android - Functional Tests apk bluebill-mobile-android-test-functional
blueBill Mobile for Android (master) pom bluebill-mobile
blueBill - Core (modules) pom bluebill-core-modules
blueBill - Core (master) pom bluebill-core
blueBill Mobile for Android (modules) pom bluebill-android-modules
blueBill Mobile - Android (master) pom bluebill

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