group: io.mraa.upm

fresh name packaging artifact id
utilities jar upm_utilities
interfaces jar upm_interfaces
lcm1602 jar upm_lcm1602
bmg160 jar upm_bmg160
bma250e jar upm_bma250e
pca9685 jar upm_pca9685
bmm150 jar upm_bmm150
ds18b20 jar upm_ds18b20
buzzer jar upm_buzzer
grove jar upm_grove
adxl345 jar upm_adxl345
adxrs610 jar upm_adxrs610
am2315 jar upm_am2315
apa102 jar upm_apa102
apds9002 jar upm_apds9002
apds9930 jar upm_apds9930
at42qt1070 jar upm_at42qt1070
bh1749 jar upm_bh1749
bh1750 jar upm_bh1750
bh1792 jar upm_bh1792
biss0001 jar upm_biss0001
bma220 jar upm_bma220
bmi160 jar upm_bmi160
bmp280 jar upm_bmp280
bmpx8x jar upm_bmpx8x
bmx055 jar upm_bmx055
bno055 jar upm_bno055
button jar upm_button
cjq4435 jar upm_cjq4435
collision jar upm_collision
curieimu jar upm_curieimu
cwlsxxa jar upm_cwlsxxa
dfrec jar upm_dfrec
dfrorp jar upm_dfrorp
dfrph jar upm_dfrph
ds1307 jar upm_ds1307
ds1808lc jar upm_ds1808lc
ds2413 jar upm_ds2413
ecezo jar upm_ecezo
ecs1030 jar upm_ecs1030
ehr jar upm_ehr
eldriver jar upm_eldriver
electromagnet jar upm_electromagnet
emg jar upm_emg
enc03r jar upm_enc03r
flex jar upm_flex
gas jar upm_gas
gp2y0a jar upm_gp2y0a
gprs jar upm_gprs
grovecollision jar upm_grovecollision
groveehr jar upm_groveehr
groveeldriver jar upm_groveeldriver
groveelectromagnet jar upm_groveelectromagnet
groveemg jar upm_groveemg
grovegprs jar upm_grovegprs
grovegsr jar upm_grovegsr
grovelinefinder jar upm_grovelinefinder
grovemd jar upm_grovemd
grovemoisture jar upm_grovemoisture
groveo2 jar upm_groveo2
grovescam jar upm_grovescam
grovespeaker jar upm_grovespeaker
groveultrasonic jar upm_groveultrasonic
grovevdiv jar upm_grovevdiv
grovewater jar upm_grovewater
grovewfs jar upm_grovewfs
gsr jar upm_gsr
guvas12d jar upm_guvas12d
h3lis331dl jar upm_h3lis331dl
h803x jar upm_h803x
hcsr04 jar upm_hcsr04
hdc1000 jar upm_hdc1000
hdxxvxta jar upm_hdxxvxta
hka5 jar upm_hka5
hlg150h jar upm_hlg150h
hm11 jar upm_hm11
hmc5883l jar upm_hmc5883l
hmtrp jar upm_hmtrp
hp20x jar upm_hp20x
ht9170 jar upm_ht9170
htu21d jar upm_htu21d
hwxpxx jar upm_hwxpxx
hx711 jar upm_hx711
i2clcd jar upm_i2clcd
ili9341 jar upm_ili9341
ims jar upm_ims
ina132 jar upm_ina132
isd1820 jar upm_isd1820
itg3200 jar upm_itg3200
jhd1313m1 jar upm_jhd1313m1
joystick12 jar upm_joystick12
kx122 jar upm_kx122
kxcjk1013 jar upm_kxcjk1013
kxtj3 jar upm_kxtj3
l298 jar upm_l298
l3gd20 jar upm_l3gd20
lcd jar upm_lcd
lcdks jar upm_lcdks
ldt0028 jar upm_ldt0028
led jar upm_led
lidarlitev3 jar upm_lidarlitev3
light jar upm_light
linefinder jar upm_linefinder
lis2ds12 jar upm_lis2ds12
lis3dh jar upm_lis3dh
lm35 jar upm_lm35
lol jar upm_lol
loudness jar upm_loudness
lp8860 jar upm_lp8860
lpd8806 jar upm_lpd8806
lsm303 jar upm_lsm303
lsm303agr jar upm_lsm303agr
lsm303d jar upm_lsm303d
lsm303dlh jar upm_lsm303dlh
lsm6ds3h jar upm_lsm6ds3h
lsm6dsl jar upm_lsm6dsl
lsm9ds0 jar upm_lsm9ds0
m24lr64e jar upm_m24lr64e
mag3110 jar upm_mag3110
max30100 jar upm_max30100
max31723 jar upm_max31723
max31855 jar upm_max31855
max44000 jar upm_max44000
max44009 jar upm_max44009
max5487 jar upm_max5487
maxds3231m jar upm_maxds3231m
maxsonarez jar upm_maxsonarez
mb704x jar upm_mb704x
mcp2515 jar upm_mcp2515
mcp9808 jar upm_mcp9808
md jar upm_md
mg811 jar upm_mg811
mhz16 jar upm_mhz16
mic jar upm_mic
micsv89 jar upm_micsv89
mlx90614 jar upm_mlx90614
mma7361 jar upm_mma7361
mma7455 jar upm_mma7455
mma7660 jar upm_mma7660
mma8x5x jar upm_mma8x5x
mmc35240 jar upm_mmc35240
moisture jar upm_moisture
mpl3115a2 jar upm_mpl3115a2
mpr121 jar upm_mpr121
mpu9150 jar upm_mpu9150
mq303a jar upm_mq303a
ms5611 jar upm_ms5611
ms5803 jar upm_ms5803
my9221 jar upm_my9221
nlgpio16 jar upm_nlgpio16
nmea_gps jar upm_nmea_gps
nrf24l01 jar upm_nrf24l01
nrf8001 jar upm_nrf8001
nunchuck jar upm_nunchuck
o2 jar upm_o2
otp538u jar upm_otp538u
ozw jar upm_ozw
p9813 jar upm_p9813
pn532 jar upm_pn532
ppd42ns jar upm_ppd42ns
pulsensor jar upm_pulsensor
relay jar upm_relay
rf22 jar upm_rf22
rfr359f jar upm_rfr359f
rgbringcoder jar upm_rgbringcoder
rhusb jar upm_rhusb
rn2903 jar upm_rn2903
rotary jar upm_rotary
rotaryencoder jar upm_rotaryencoder
rpr220 jar upm_rpr220
rsc jar upm_rsc
scam jar upm_scam
sensortemplate jar upm_sensortemplate
servo jar upm_servo
sht1x jar upm_sht1x
si1132 jar upm_si1132
si114x jar upm_si114x
si7005 jar upm_si7005
slide jar upm_slide
sm130 jar upm_sm130
smartdrive jar upm_smartdrive
speaker jar upm_speaker
ssd1351 jar upm_ssd1351
st7735 jar upm_st7735
stepmotor jar upm_stepmotor
sx1276 jar upm_sx1276
sx6119 jar upm_sx6119
t3311 jar upm_t3311
t6713 jar upm_t6713
ta12200 jar upm_ta12200
tca9548a jar upm_tca9548a
tcs3414cs jar upm_tcs3414cs
tcs37727 jar upm_tcs37727
teams jar upm_teams
temperature jar upm_temperature
tex00 jar upm_tex00
th02 jar upm_th02
tm1637 jar upm_tm1637
tmp006 jar upm_tmp006
tsl2561 jar upm_tsl2561
ttp223 jar upm_ttp223
uartat jar upm_uartat
uln200xa jar upm_uln200xa
ultrasonic jar upm_ultrasonic
urm37 jar upm_urm37
vcap jar upm_vcap
vdiv jar upm_vdiv
veml6070 jar upm_veml6070
water jar upm_water
waterlevel jar upm_waterlevel
wfs jar upm_wfs
wheelencoder jar upm_wheelencoder
wt5001 jar upm_wt5001
xbee jar upm_xbee
yg1006 jar upm_yg1006
a110x jar upm_a110x
zfm20 jar upm_zfm20
abp jar upm_abp
abpdrrt005pg2a5 jar upm_abpdrrt005pg2a5
ad8232 jar upm_ad8232
adafruitms1438 jar upm_adafruitms1438
adafruitss jar upm_adafruitss
adc121c021 jar upm_adc121c021
adis16448 jar upm_adis16448
ads1x15 jar upm_ads1x15
adxl335 jar upm_adxl335

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