group: io.github.benas

fresh name packaging artifact id
Random Beans Core jar random-beans
easybatch-core jar easybatch-core
jPopulator jar jpopulator
Random Beans Randomizers jar random-beans-randomizers
easybatch-tools jar easybatch-tools
easybatch-flatfile jar easybatch-flatfile
easybatch-validation jar easybatch-validation
easybatch-jdbc jar easybatch-jdbc
easybatch-xml jar easybatch-xml
Random Beans Joda Time jar random-beans-jodatime
Easy Rules core module jar easyrules-core
jDFA core module jar jdfa-core
Jql-core jar jql-core
easy-properties jar easy-properties
Random Beans Spring jar random-beans-spring
easybatch-quartz jar easybatch-quartz
easybatch-spring jar easybatch-spring
adp4j jar adp4j
xstream jar xstream
easybatch pom easybatch
easybatch-integration pom easybatch-integration
easybatch-tutorials jar easybatch-tutorials
Easy Rules pom easyrules
Easy Rules samples module jar easyrules-samples
jDFA parent project pom jdfa
jDFA tutorials module jar jdfa-tutorials
Java Open Web Components jar jowc
Jql pom jql
Jql-maven-plugin maven-plugin jql-maven-plugin
Jql-shell jar jql-shell
projector jar projector
Random Beans pom random-beans-parent
Random Beans Validation jar random-beans-validation
UnixStream jar unix-stream
ustream jar ustream

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