group: io.fabric8.jube.images.fabric8

fresh name packaging artifact id
Fabric8 MQ jar fabric8-mq
Fabric8 MQ :: Broker jar fabric8mq
Fabric8 Console jar fabric8
Fabric8 MQ : Producer jar fabric8-mq-producer
Fabric8 MQ : Consumer jar fabric8-mq-consumer
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: War :: Camel Servlet war quickstart-war-camel-servlet
Nexus jar nexus
Orion jar orion
Gogs jar gogs
Jenkins jar jenkins
Elasticsearch jar elasticsearch
SonarQube jar sonarqube
Hubot Notifier jar hubot-notifier
Lets Chat jar letschat
API Registry jar api-registry
Fabric8 Forge jar fabric8-forge
Kibana jar kibana
Taiga jar taiga
InfluxDB jar influxdb
Gerrit jar gerrit
Hubot Lets Chat jar hubot-letschat
ActiveMQ Broker jar amqbroker
Fabric8 MQ :: Example Consumer jar fabric8mq-consumer
Apiman Manager jar apiman
Fabric8 MQ :: Example Producer jar fabric8mq-producer
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: War :: CXF JAX-RS with CDI Servlet war quickstart-war-cxf-cdi-servlet
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: War :: RESTful WebService WAR war quickstart-war-rest
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Camel CDI :: Rest jar quickstart-java-camel-cdi-rest
Grafana jar grafana
Heapster jar heapster
HTTP Gateway jar fabric8-http-gateway
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Camel CDI :: HTTP jar quickstart-java-camel-cdi-http
Templates jar templates
Console jar console
App Library jar app-library
Apiman Gateway jar apiman-gateway
Hubot jar hubot
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Simple fat jar jar quickstart-java-simple-fatjar
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Simple main class jar quickstart-java-simple-mainclass
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Parent zip quickstart-karaf
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Content-Based Router bundle quickstart-karaf-beginner-camel-cbr
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel EIPs bundle quickstart-karaf-beginner-camel-eips
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Errorhandler bundle quickstart-karaf-beginner-camel-errorhandler
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Log bundle quickstart-karaf-beginner-camel-log
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Log (wiki) bundle quickstart-karaf-beginner-camel-log-wiki
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Karaf :: Camel using ActiveMQ bundle quickstart-karaf-camel-amq
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Content-Based Router bundle quickstart-karaf-camelcbr
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel EIPs bundle quickstart-karaf-cameleip
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Errorhandler bundle quickstart-karaf-camelerr
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Karaf :: Camel Log bundle quickstart-karaf-camellog
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Karaf :: Camel Rest using SQL bundle quickstart-karaf-camelrest
Karaf Quickstart : Camel Rest using SQL bundle quickstart-karaf-camel-rest-sql
Karaf Quickstart : Camel using SQL bundle quickstart-karaf-camel-sql
Karaf Quickstart : Beginner :: Camel Log (wiki) bundle quickstart-karaf-camelwiki
Karaf Quickstart : CXF :: Camel CXF Code First bundle quickstart-karaf-cxf-camel-cxf-code-first
Karaf Quickstart : CXF :: Camel CXF Contract First bundle quickstart-karaf-cxf-camel-cxf-contract-first
Karaf Quickstart : CXF :: Parent zip quickstart-karaf-cxf-quickstarts
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Karaf :: CXF RESTful WebService bundle quickstart-karaf-cxf-rest
Karaf Quickstart : CXF :: Secure Restful Web Services bundle quickstart-karaf-cxf-secure-rest
Karaf Quickstart : CXF :: Secure SOAP bundle quickstart-karaf-cxf-secure-soap
Karaf Quickstart : CXF :: SOAP bundle quickstart-karaf-cxf-soap
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Karaf :: Parent pom quickstart-karaf-quickstarts
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: War :: Parent pom quickstart-war
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: War :: Wildfly war quickstart-wildfly
Registry jar registry
SkyDNS jar skydns
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Spring-Boot :: ActiveMQ jar springboot-activemq
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Spring-Boot :: Camel jar springboot-camel
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Spring-Boot :: Keycloak jar springboot-keycloak
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Spring-Boot :: Parent pom springboot-quickstarts
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Spring-Boot :: WebMVC jar springboot-webmvc
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Spring-Boot :: WebMVC IP jar springboot-webmvc-ip
Jube :: Images :: Fabric8 :: Tomcat pom tomcat
Jube :: Images :: Fabric8 :: Tomcat zip tomcat-8.0
ZooKeeper jar zookeeper
ActiveMQ Broker jar amq-broker
ApiMan Console jar apiman-console
Apiman Manager REST API jar apiman-manager-api
Fabric8 :: Apps pom apps
Artifactory jar artifactory
Brackets jar brackets
cAdvisor jar cadvisor
Continous Delivery jar cdelivery
Chaos Monkey jar chaos-monkey
Fabric8 MQ : AutoScaler jar fabric8-mq-autoscaler
Fabric8 MQ :: AutoScaler jar fabric8mq-autoscaler
Fabric8 MQ Controller jar fabric8-mq-controller
Fabric8 MQ :: Controller jar fabric8mq-controller
Grafana 2 jar grafana2
Hubot IRC jar hubot-irc
Hubot Slack jar hubot-slack
Image Linker jar image-linker
Infinispan Server jar infinispan-server
jAdvisor jar jadvisor
Jube :: Images :: Fabric8 :: Java zip java
jBPM Designer jar jbpm-designer
Jube :: Images :: Fabric8 :: Karaf pom karaf
Jube :: Images :: Fabric8 :: Karaf zip karaf-2.4
Keycloak jar keycloak
Kiwi IRC jar kiwiirc
Lets Chat jar lets-chat
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Mule :: HelloWorld mule mule-helloworld
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Mule :: Parent pom mule-quickstarts
Jube :: Images :: Fabric8 pom parent-project
Prometheus jar prometheus
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Parent pom quickstart-java
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Camel CDI jar quickstart-java-camel-cdi
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Camel CDI and ActiveMQ jar quickstart-java-camel-cdi-mq
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: Camel Spring jar quickstart-java-camel-spring
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: CXF JAX-RS CDI jar quickstart-java-cxf-cdi
Fabric8 :: Quickstarts :: Java :: JGroups Greeter jar quickstart-java-jgroups

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