group: io.fabric8.devops.apps

fresh name packaging artifact id
Nexus jar nexus
Registry jar fabric8-docker-registry
Hubot Notifier jar hubot-notifier
Gogs jar gogs
Jenkins jar jenkins
Elasticsearch jar elasticsearch
Chaos Monkey jar chaos-monkey
Lets Chat jar letschat
Kibana jar kibana
Git Collector jar git-collector
Gerrit jar gerrit
Artifactory jar artifactory
Kiwi IRC jar kiwiirc
ConfigMap Controller jar configmapcontroller
Gogs jar gitlab
Expose Controller jar exposecontroller
Content Repository jar content-repository
Ingress Nginx jar ingress-nginx
Maven Shell jar maven-shell
ManageIQ jar manageiq
Collector Utils jar collector-utils
fluentd jar fluentd
Hubot Mattermost jar hubot-mattermost
SonarQube jar sonarqube
Taiga jar taiga
Hubot Lets Chat jar hubot-letschat
Prometheus jar prometheus
Orion jar orion
Hubot Slack jar hubot-slack
Hubot IRC jar hubot-irc
Grafana 2 jar grafana2
Fabric8 Console jar console
Fabric8 Forge jar fabric8-forge
Templates jar templates
Grafana jar grafana
Jenkins OpenShift jar jenkins-openshift
Prometheus jar prometheus-node-exporter
Prometheus Blackbox Exporter jar prometheus-blackbox-exporter
Fabric8 Console for Kubernetes yml console-kubernetes
Continous Delivery jar cdelivery
Brackets jar brackets
upgrade-job jar upgrade-job
Keycloak jar keycloak
validator-job jar validator-job
Java Developer jar java-developer
Image Linker jar image-linker
Fabric8 DevOps pom fabric8-devops
Nexus3 jar nexus3
389ds::Directory Sever jar dirsrv-389ds

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