group: io.brooklyn

fresh name packaging artifact id
Brooklyn Core jar brooklyn-core
Brooklyn Test Support jar brooklyn-test-support
Brooklyn Software Base jar brooklyn-software-base
Brooklyn Jclouds Location Targets jar brooklyn-locations-jclouds
Brooklyn All Things jar brooklyn-all
Brooklyn Web App Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-webapp
Brooklyn Policies jar brooklyn-policy
Brooklyn Logback Configuration jar brooklyn-logback-xml
Brooklyn NoSQL Data Store Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-nosql
Brooklyn Database Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-database
Brooklyn REST Server jar brooklyn-rest-server
Brooklyn API jar brooklyn-api
Brooklyn Launcher jar brooklyn-launcher
Brooklyn Whirr Base Entities jar brooklyn-systems-whirr
Brooklyn Common Utilities jar brooklyn-utils-common
Brooklyn Utilities to Support Testing (listeners etc) jar brooklyn-utils-test-support
Brooklyn REST API jar brooklyn-rest-api
Brooklyn REST Swagger Apidoc Utilities jar brooklyn-utils-rest-swagger
Brooklyn Messaging Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-messaging
Brooklyn Command Line Interface jar brooklyn-cli
Brooklyn REST API bundle brooklyn-rest
Brooklyn Hadoop System Entities jar brooklyn-systems-hadoop
Brooklyn OSGi Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-osgi
Brooklyn OpenShift PaaS System Entities bundle brooklyn-systems-openshift
Brooklyn Secure JMXMP Agent jar brooklyn-jmxmp-agent
Brooklyn JMX RMI Agent jar brooklyn-jmxrmi-agent
Brooklyn Groovy Utilities jar brooklyn-utils-groovy
Brooklyn Network Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-network
Brooklyn Logback Includable Configuration jar brooklyn-logback-includes
Brooklyn CloudFoundry PaaS System Entities bundle brooklyn-systems-cloudfoundry
Brooklyn CAMP REST API jar brooklyn-camp
Brooklyn Distribution jar brooklyn-dist
Brooklyn REST Client jar brooklyn-rest-client
Brooklyn Monitoring Software Entities jar brooklyn-software-monitoring
Brooklyn REST JavaScript Web GUI war brooklyn-jsgui
Brooklyn Hazelcast Storage jar brooklyn-storage-hazelcast
Brooklyn QA jar brooklyn-qa
Brooklyn Parent Project pom brooklyn-parent
BrooklynCentral ROOT pom brooklyncentral-parent
Brooklyn Quick-Start Project Archetype maven-archetype brooklyn-archetype-quickstart
Brooklyn Web Console war brooklyn-web-console

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