group: io.astefanutti.camel.cdi

fresh name packaging artifact id
Camel CDI :: Component bundle camel-cdi
Camel CDI :: Test Support jar camel-cdi-test
Camel CDI :: Samples :: SJMS Component ${packaging.type} camel-cdi-sample-sjms
Camel CDI :: Samples :: Hello Camel World! ${packaging.type} camel-cdi-sample-hello
Camel CDI :: Quickstarts :: @ContextName & Hello Bean injected. ${packaging.type} simplecontextname
Camel CDI :: Samples :: Dropwizard Metrics ${packaging.type} camel-cdi-sample-metrics
Camel CDI :: Samples pom camel-cdi-samples
Camel CDI :: Samples :: XML DSL ${packaging.type} camel-cdi-sample-xml
Camel CDI :: Environments :: Java SE jar camel-cdi-se
Camel CDI :: Maven Plugins :: Camel Maven Run maven-plugin camel-maven-plugin
Camel CDI :: Quickstarts :: Default CamelContext & Hello Bean injected. ${packaging.type} defaultcamelcontext
Camel CDI Karaf :: Features pom features
Camel CDI Karaf :: iTest jar itest
Camel CDI Karaf pom karaf
Camel CDI :: Quickstarts pom quickstarts
Camel CDI :: Quickstarts :: Web Resources for Jetty. war web-jetty
Camel CDI :: Quickstarts :: Web Resources for Tomcat war web-tomcat
Camel CDI :: Environments :: Java EE jar camel-cdi-ee
Camel CDI :: Environments pom camel-cdi-envs
Camel CDI :: Environments :: OSGi jar camel-cdi-osgi
Camel CDI pom camel-cdi-parent
Camel CDI :: Samples :: Properties Component ${packaging.type} camel-cdi-sample-properties

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