group: io.airlift

fresh name packaging artifact id
testing jar testing
units jar units
Json jar json
log jar log
slice jar slice
configuration jar configuration
bootstrap jar bootstrap
node jar node
Http-client jar http-client
concurrent jar concurrent
log-manager jar log-manager
airline jar airline
Discovery jar discovery
http-server jar http-server
stats jar stats
jaxrs jar jaxrs
Event jar event
jmx jar jmx
Trace-token jar trace-token
testing-postgresql-server jar testing-postgresql-server
command jar command
Jmx-http jar jmx-http
Jmx-http-rpc jar jmx-http-rpc
dbpool jar dbpool
testing-mysql-server jar testing-mysql-server
aircompressor jar aircompressor
Joni jar joni
Discovery-experimental jar discovery-experimental
Http-client-experimental jar http-client-experimental
Event-experimental jar event-experimental
floatingdecimal jar floatingdecimal
Jmx-http-rpc-experimental jar jmx-http-rpc-experimental
launcher pom launcher
Jmx-http-experimental jar jmx-http-experimental
jaxrs-testing jar jaxrs-testing
rack jar rack-experimental
rack-launcher pom rack-launcher-experimental
rack-launcher pom rack-launcher
rack jar rack
Parameternames jar parameternames
skeleton-server jar skeleton-server
skeleton-server-archetype maven-archetype skeleton-server-archetype
Skeleton-server-archetype-builder pom skeleton-server-archetype-builder
JCodings jar jcodings-internal
stackfold jar stackfold
airbase pom airbase
cli pom cli
Cassandra-experimental jar cassandra-experimental
Library POM pom library
airlift pom airlift
packaging jar packaging
rack-packaging jar rack-packaging
rack-packaging jar rack-packaging-experimental
rack-server-base pom rack-server-base
rack-server-base pom rack-server-base-experimental
REST Server Base POM pom rest-server-base
sample-server jar sample-server
sample-server-archetype maven-archetype sample-server-archetype
Sample-server-archetype-builder pom sample-server-archetype-builder

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