group: info.cukes

fresh name packaging artifact id
Cucumber-JVM: JUnit jar cucumber-junit
Cucumber-JVM: Java jar cucumber-java
Cucumber-JVM: Core jar cucumber-core
Cucumber-JVM: Spring jar cucumber-spring
Cucumber-JVM: Java8 jar cucumber-java8
Cucumber-JVM: PicoContainer jar cucumber-picocontainer
Cucumber-JVM: TestNG jar cucumber-testng
Gherkin bundle gherkin
Cucumber-JVM Repackaged Dependencies jar cucumber-jvm-deps
Cucumber-JVM: Scala (2.11) jar cucumber-scala_2.11
Cucumber-JVM: Guice jar cucumber-guice
Cucumber-JVM pom cucumber-jvm
Cucumber-HTML jar cucumber-html
Cucumber-JVM: Groovy jar cucumber-groovy
Cucumber Pro jar cucumber-pro
Gherkin Repackaged Dependencies jar gherkin-jvm-deps
Cucumber-JVM: Clojure jar cucumber-clojure
Cucumber-JVM: Rhino jar cucumber-rhino
Cucumber-JVM: Weld jar cucumber-weld
Gherkin jar gherkin3
Cucumber-JVM: Scala (2.10) jar cucumber-scala_2.10
Cucumber-JVM: JRuby jar cucumber-jruby
Cucumber-JVM: Android jar cucumber-android
Cucumber-JVM: Needle jar cucumber-needle
Cucumber-JVM: Scala (2.12) jar cucumber-scala_2.12
Cucumber-JVM: Scala jar cucumber-scala
Examples: Spring Transactions war spring-txn
Cucumber-JVM: Gosu jar cucumber-gosu
Cucumber-JVM: Ioke jar cucumber-ioke
Cucumber-JVM: Jython jar cucumber-jython
Cucumber-JVM: OpenEJB jar cucumber-openejb
Cucumber-JVM: OSGi jar cucumber-osgi
Cucumber-JVM: Scala (2.9) jar cucumber-scala_2.9
Cucumber-JVM: Scala Aggregator pom cucumber-scala-aggregator
Examples: Groovy Calculator jar groovy-calculator
Examples: Java Calculator jar java-calculator
Examples: Webbit WebSockets tested with Selenium jar java-webbit-websockets-selenium
Examples: Scala Calculator jar scala-calculator
Bool jar bool

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