group: geronimo

fresh name packaging artifact id
Geronimo :: Kernel jar geronimo-kernel
Geronimo :: System jar geronimo-system
Geronimo :: Common jar geronimo-common
Geronimo :: J2EE jar geronimo-j2ee
Geronimo :: Management API jar geronimo-management
Geronimo :: Naming jar geronimo-naming
Geronimo :: Security jar geronimo-security
Geronimo :: Core jar geronimo-core
Geronimo :: Transaction jar geronimo-transaction
Geronimo :: Deployment jar geronimo-deployment
Geronimo :: Connector jar geronimo-connector
Geronimo :: Service :: Builder jar geronimo-service-builder
Geronimo :: Web Services jar geronimo-webservices
Geronimo :: J2EE Schema jar geronimo-j2ee-schema
Geronimo :: Axis jar geronimo-axis
Geronimo :: J2EE :: Builder jar geronimo-j2ee-builder
Geronimo Configuration for performing service deployments car geronimo-gbean-deployer
Geronimo :: Jetty jar geronimo-jetty
Geronimo :: Client jar geronimo-client
Geronimo :: Timer jar geronimo-timer
Geronimo :: Security :: Builder jar geronimo-security-builder
Geronimo :: Naming :: Builder jar geronimo-naming-builder
Geronimo :: Activation jar geronimo-activation
Geronimo :: Deploy :: Common Config jar geronimo-deploy-config
Geronimo :: JMX Remoting jar geronimo-jmxremoting
Geronimo :: Util jar geronimo-util
Geronimo :: Deploy :: JSR-88 jar geronimo-deploy-jsr88
Geronimo :: Test :: DDBeans jar geronimo-test-ddbean
Configuration for performing J2EE deployments car j2ee-deployer
Geronimo :: Connector :: Builder jar geronimo-connector-builder
Server Configuration for the J2EE Server car j2ee-server
Jetty Deployer Configuration for the J2EE Server car jetty-deployer
Geronimo :: Axis :: Builder jar geronimo-axis-builder
Geronimo :: Web :: Builder jar geronimo-web-builder
Geronimo :: Tomcat jar geronimo-tomcat
Geronimo :: Deploy :: CLI Tool jar geronimo-deploy-tool
Geronimo :: Console :: Common Code jar geronimo-console-core
Tomcat Deployer Configuration for the J2EE Server car tomcat-deployer
Geronimo :: Derby jar geronimo-derby
RMI/Naming configuration car rmi-naming
Geronimo :: Interop jar geronimo-interop
Geronimo :: Configuration Converter jar geronimo-converter
Geronimo :: Remote Deploy GBean jar geronimo-remote-deploy-lib
Geronimo :: Console :: Standard Portlets war geronimo-console-standard
Geronimo :: Console :: Portal Framework war geronimo-console-framework
Geronimo :: Jetty :: Builder jar geronimo-jetty-builder
Geronimo :: Tomcat :: Builder jar geronimo-tomcat-builder
System Database Configuration for the J2EE Server car system-database
DayTrader EJBs daytrader-ejb
Geronimo :: UDDI-Server database jar geronimo-uddi-db
Geronimo :: Directory jar geronimo-directory
core jar daytrader-core
Geronimo :: ServiceMix jar geronimo-servicemix
DayTrader :: Enterprise Application ear daytrader-ear
DayTrader :: Derby Database jar geronimo-daytrader-derby-db
Geronimo :: Upgrade jar geronimo-upgrade
LDAP security realm car ldap-realm
Geronimo :: Mail jar geronimo-mail
Geronimo :: LDAP Demo Application war geronimo-ldap-demo
Configuration for the J2EE Client car client
Geronimo :: Client Builder jar geronimo-client-builder
Geronimo :: Spring jar geronimo-spring
daytrader-wsappclient jar daytrader-wsappclient
streamer jar daytrader-streamer
ActiveMQ broker configuration car activemq-broker
System Configuration for the J2EE Client car client-system
Web Application war daytrader-web
Geronimo :: Assembly jar geronimo
Geronimo :: Clustering jar geronimo-clustering
Geronimo :: Console :: Application EAR geronimo-console
Geronimo-demo war geronimo-demo
Geronimo-derby-connector rar geronimo-derby-connector
Geronimo :: Deploy :: Hot Deployer jar geronimo-hot-deploy
Geronimo :: JavaMail Transport jar geronimo-javamail-transport
Geronimo-jmxdebug war geronimo-jmxdebug
Geronimo-network jar geronimo-network
Geronimo-remoting jar geronimo-remoting
Geronimo :: ServiceMix :: Builder jar geronimo-servicemix-builder
Geronimo :: Spring :: Builder jar geronimo-spring-builder
Geronimo :: UDDI-Server war geronimo-uddi-server
Geronimo :: Welcome Application war geronimo-welcome
Security Configuration for the J2EE Server car j2ee-security
System Configuration for the J2EE Server car j2ee-system
JavaMail car javamail
Jetty Configuration for the J2EE Server car jetty
Tomcat Configuration for the J2EE Server car tomcat
Geronimo :: Maven Deployment Plugin geronimo-deployment-plugin
Unavailable-webservices-deployer car unavailable-webservices-deployer
Geronimo :: Maven Dependency Plugin geronimo-dependency-plugin
Geronimo-console-web jar geronimo-console-web
Geronimo :: Maven Assembly Plugin geronimo-assembly-plugin
Geronimo-assembly jar geronimo-assembly
Geronimo :: ActiveMQ Embedded RAR ge-activemq-rar
Directory Configuration car directory
Activemq configuration car activemq
Upgrade car upgrade
Daytrader-derby-tomcat_streamer.jar car daytrader-derby-tomcat_streamer.jar
Daytrader-derby-tomcat-streamer-client car daytrader-derby-tomcat-streamer-client
Daytrader using derby deployed on tomcat car daytrader-derby-tomcat
Daytrader-derby-jetty_streamer.jar car daytrader-derby-jetty_streamer.jar
System Configuration for the command line upgrade car upgrade-cli
Geronimo maven xmlbeans plugin geronimo-xmlbeans-plugin
Geronimo maven xpom plugin plugin geronimo-xpom-plugin
Hot deployer car hot-deployer
Corba Configuration for the J2EE Server car j2ee-corba
Daytrader-derby-jetty-streamer-client car daytrader-derby-jetty-streamer-client
Web console deployed on jetty car webconsole-jetty
Daytrader using derby deployed on jetty car daytrader-derby-jetty
Web console deployed on tomcat car webconsole-tomcat
System Configuration for the J2EE Server car j2ee-system-experimental
Welcome app for Jetty car welcome-jetty
Welcome app Tomcat car welcome-tomcat
Security Configuration for the J2EE Client car client-security
JMX Debug app for Jetty car jmxdebug-jetty
JMX Debug app Tomcat car jmxdebug-tomcat
JSP Examples for Jetty car jsp-examples-jetty
JSP Examples Tomcat car jsp-examples-tomcat
LDAP Demo for Jetty car ldap-demo-jetty
LDAP Demo for Tomcat car ldap-demo-tomcat
Client-deployer car client-deployer
Geronimo :: The Magic G Ball Sample Application war magicGball
Online Deployer car online-deployer
Openejb car openejb
Openejb-deployer car openejb-deployer
Geronimo :: Remote Deploy Jetty Application car remote-deploy-jetty
Geronimo :: Remote Deploy Tomcat Application car remote-deploy-tomcat
Corba Configuration for the J2EE Client car client-corba
Servlet Examples for Jetty car servlets-examples-jetty
Servlet Examples Tomcat car servlets-examples-tomcat
Sharedlib car sharedlib
Shutdown car shutdown
Axis-deployer car axis-deployer
xmlbeans maven plugin plugin xmlbeans-maven-plugin
Axis car axis
UDDI server Configuration for the J2EE Jetty Server car uddi-jetty
UDDI server Configuration for the J2EE Tomcat Server car uddi-tomcat
Geronimo :: Remote Deploy Application war geronimo-remote-deploy
Geronimo :: Maven Packaging Plugin geronimo-packaging-plugin
Unavailable-client-deployer car unavailable-client-deployer
Geronimo :: Scripts jar geronimo-scripts
Geronimo-jsp-examples-tomcat war geronimo-jsp-examples-tomcat
Geronimo :: IZPack Installer Build Plugin geronimo-izpack-plugin
Geronimo :: Installer Support jar geronimo-installer-support
Geronimo :: Installer Processing jar geronimo-installer-processing
Unavailable-ejb-deployer car unavailable-ejb-deployer
Geronimo-servlet-examples-tomcat war geronimo-servlet-examples-tomcat

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