group: fr.velossity.osgi

fresh name packaging artifact id
[ServiceDeployment] Service API bundle ServiceAPI
[WhiteBoard] Service API Step 3 bundle ServiceAPI4WBStep3
[ServiceDeployment] Service API bundle ServiceAPI4WBStep4
[WhiteBoard] Service API Step 2 bundle ServiceAPI4WBStep2
[AntiPattern] Service API bundle ServiceAPI4APStep4
[WireAdmin] Service API bundle ServiceAPI4WAStep4
[iPOJO] Adaptee sample bundle iPOJOAdaptee
[ServiceModel] Provider sample bundle ServiceProvider1
[AntiPattern-EventListener] Service API bundle ServiceAPI4ELStep4
[WhiteBoard] Requester sample with IOC bundle ServiceRequesterWB1
[Event Admin] Service API bundle ServiceAPI4EAStep4
[ServiceModel] Requester sample bundle ServiceRequester1
[ServiceDeployment] Service requester bundle ServiceRequester
[WhiteBoard] provider sample with IOC and notifications bundle ServiceProviderWB2
[WhiteBoard] Provider sample with IOC bundle ServiceProviderWB1
Pax-exam integration tests jar patterns.integration
[ServiceModel] Provider sample with notifications bundle ServiceProvider2
[Extender] Service requester bundle ExtenderServiceRequester
[EventAdmin] Producer sample bundle ProducerEA
[WireAdmin] Producer sample bundle ProducerWA
[WhiteBoard] Producer sample bundle ProducerWB
[ServiceModel] Requester sample with notifications bundle ServiceRequester2
[ServiceDeployment] Service provider bundle ServiceProvider
[EventAdmin] Consumer sample bundle ConsumerEA
[WireAdmin] Consumer sample bundle ConsumerWA
[WhiteBoard] Consumer sample bundle ConsumerWB
[Extender] Service provider bundle ExtenderServiceProvider
[iPOJO] Provider sample bundle iPOJOServiceProvider
[iPOJO] Requester sample bundle iPOJOServiceRequester
[WhiteBoard] Requester sample with IOC and notifications bundle ServiceRequesterWB2
[SCR] Provider sample bundle SCRServiceProvider
[SCR] Requester sample bundle SCRServiceRequester
[Native] Adapter sample bundle NativeAdapter
[iPOJO] Adapter sample bundle iPOJOAdapter
[AntiPattern] Producer sample bundle ProducerAP
[AntiPattern-EventListener] Consumer sample bundle ConsumerEL
[AntiPattern-iPOJO] Consumer sample bundle iPOJOConsumerAP
[WhiteBoard-iPOJO] Consumer sample bundle iPOJOConsumerWB
[AntiPattern-iPOJO] Producer sample bundle iPOJOProducerAP
[WhiteBoard-iPOJO] Producer sample bundle iPOJOProducerWB
[AntiPattern] Consumer sample bundle ConsumerAP
[AntiPattern-EventListener] Producer sample bundle ProducerEL
[iPOJO] Twitter4J Service bundle TwitterService
OSGi Patterns distribution pom patterns.distribution
OSGi Patterns aggregator pom patterns.aggregator
JCL Logging sample bundle LoggingWithJCL
OSGi Patterns parent pom patterns.parent
OSGi parent for logging samples pom logging.parent
OSGi Logging Service Tutorial pom logging.aggregator
Log2Twitter bundle Log2Twitter
[iPOJO] iPOJO Logging sample bundle LoggingServiceBinding

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