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The HTTP server module (ks-server-http) implements the Web API of the KnowledgeStore, which includes the two CRUD and SPARQL endpoints. The CRUD Endpoint supports the retrieval and manipulation of semi-structured data about resource, mention, entity and axiom records (encoded in RDF, possibly using JSONLD), and the upload / download of resource representation. The SPARQL Endpoint supports SPARQL SELECT, CONSTRUCT, DESCRIBE and ASK queries according to the W3C SPARQL protocol. The two endpoints are implemented on top of a component implementing the KnowledgeStore Java API (the Store interface), which can be either the the KnowledgeStore frontend (ks-frontend) or the Java Client. The implementation of the module is based on the Jetty Web sever (run in embedded mode) and the Jersey JAX-RS implementation. Reference documentation of the Web API is automatically generated using the Enunciate tool.

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