group: eu.agrosense.client

fresh name packaging artifact id
lib-dolphin nbm lib-dolphin
lib-geotools nbm lib-geotools
lib-miglayout nbm lib-miglayout
lib-xml nbm lib-xml
lib-jfxtras nbm lib-jfxtras
client-model nbm model
client-util-javafx nbm util-javafx
client-util-swing nbm util-swing
client-util nbm util
client-farm nbm farm
client-mapping nbm mapping
lib-slf4j-api nbm lib-slf4j-api
client-import nbm import
lib-javafx nbm lib-javafx
client-io-csv nbm io-csv
grid-api nbm grid-api
client-crop-javafx nbm crop-javafx
client-fleet-machine nbm fleet-machine
lib-slf4j-simple nbm lib-slf4j-simple
grid nbm grid
client-productionunit-nb nbm productionunit-nb
client-worker nbm worker
client-io-shape nbm io-shape
client-field nbm field
client-logging nbm logging
client-productionunit-javafx nbm productionunit-javafx
client-customer nbm customer
client-activityfield nbm activityfield
client-task nbm task
client-agent nbm agent
client-branding nbm branding
client-building nbm building
client-crop pom crop
client-crop-nb nbm crop-nb
client-env-check nbm env-check
field-soilsample-type nbm field-soilsample-type
client-fleet pom fleet
client-fleet-implement nbm fleet-implement
client-fleet-vehicle nbm fleet-vehicle
geotiff nbm geotiff
client-io pom io
client-io-dbf nbm io-dbf
client-io-esri-shape nbm io-esri-shape
client-io-geotiff nbm io-geotiff
lib-slf4j-jdk14 nbm lib-slf4j-jdk14
client-menu nbm menu
client-observation nbm observation
client-operation nbm operation
client-parent pom parent
client-platform nbm platform
client-productionunit pom productionunit
client-sensor nbm sensor
client-activity nbm activity
client-treatmentzone nbm treatmentzone
client-uc-core nbm uc-core
client-welcome nbm welcome

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