group: edu.stanford.protege

fresh name packaging artifact id
protege-editor-owl bundle protege-editor-owl
protege-editor-core bundle protege-editor-core
Protege Editor OWL bundle org.protege.editor.owl
protege-common bundle protege-common
Protege Editor Core bundle org.protege.editor.core.application
Protege Common bundle org.protege.common
Core Protege jar protege
XML Catalog Management Tool bundle org.protege.xmlcatalog
protege-launcher jar protege-launcher
Cajun Visualization Library bundle ca.uvic.cs.chisel.cajun
Protege OWL API Extensions bundle protege-owlapi-extensions
OWL Difference Engine bundle org.protege.owl.diff
OWL Code Generation Plug-in bundle org.protege.editor.owl.codegeneration
Protege Base jar ProtegeLauncher
OWLAPI RDF Library bundle org.protege.owl.rdf
Protege HermiT Integration bundle org.protege.integration.hermit
Explanation Workbench bundle org.protege.explanation
Protege SPARQL Plugin bundle org.protege.editor.owl.rdf
DL Query bundle org.coode.dlquery
OWL Difference bundle org.protege.editor.owl.diff
OWLViz bundle org.coode.owlviz
OntoGraf bundle org.protege.ontograf
Mapping Master bundle mapping-master
owlhtml bundle ontology-browser-owlhtml
owlmanager bundle ontology-browser-owlmanager
OWL Difference Engine bundle owl-diff-engine
OWLAPI RDF Library bundle rdf-library
webprotege-annotations jar webprotege-annotations
OWL API OSGI Bundle bundle org.semanticweb.owl.owlapi
JPaul jar jpaul
OWL Ontology Server bundle org.protege.owl.server
CSV Export Plugin bundle csv-export-plugin
Code Mirror GWT jar codemirror-gwt
BioPortal Services Library jar bioportal-services-lib
jtreetable bundle jtreetable
Protege Desktop Client bundle org.protege.editor.owl.client
OWL Difference bundle owl-diff
matrix bundle org.coode.matrix
OWLDoc bundle owldoc
OWLViz bundle owlviz
owlbrowser bundle ontology-browser-owlbrowser
ontology-browser pom ontology-browser
protege-desktop jar protege-desktop
Protege Desktop Distribution pom protege-distribution
OntoGraf bundle ontograf
Explanation Workbench bundle explanation-workbench
Existential Query bundle existentialquery
SPARQL-DL API jar de-derivo-sparqldlapi
OWL Code Generation Plug-in bundle code-generation
protege-parent pom protege-parent
Change Tracker bundle change-tracker
SPARQL Query Plugin bundle sparql-query-plugin
Cellfie Protege 5.0+ Plugin bundle cellfie
webprotege-maven-plugin maven-plugin webprotege-maven-plugin
widgetmap jar widgetmap

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