group: de.twentyeleven.skysail

fresh name packaging artifact id
OSGi json classes bundle org.json-osgi
SKYSAIL :: server bundle skysail.server
SKYSAIL :: common bundle skysail.common
hamcrest osgi bundle bundle org.hamcrest.hamcrest-all-osgi
rest-assured OSGi bundle bundle
OSGi tagsoup classes bundle org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup-osgi
apache poi osgi bundle bundle org.apache.poi-osgi
OSGi stringtemplate classes bundle org.antlr.stringtemplate-osgi bundle
SKYSAIL :: common :: ext :: osgimonitor bundle skysail.common.ext.osgimonitor
OSGi stateless4j classes bundle com.googlecode.stateless4j-osgi
SKYSAIL :: server :: ext :: osgimonitor bundle skysail.server.ext.osgimonitor
SKYSAIL :: common :: restlet - base for restlet app bundle skysail.common.restlet
jgraphx osgi bundle bundle jgraphx-osgi
skysail server graphs bundle skysail.server.graphs
SKYSAIL :: server :: menu bundle
SKYSAIL :: server :: restlet bundle skysail.server.restlet
SKYSAIL :: server :: security :: shiro bundle
SKYSAIL :: server :: static bundle skysail.server.static
SKYSAIL :: server :: usermanagement bundle
SKYSAIL :: server :: usermanagement :: db bundle
OSGi beanutils classes bundle commons-beanutils-osgi
SKYSAIL :: BUILD :: MAVEN parent POM pom
SKYSAIL :: common :: config - skysail default configuration provider bundle skysail.common.config
SKYSAIL :: common :: config :: configadmin bundle skysail.common.config.configadmin
SKYSAIL :: common :: ext :: dbviewer bundle skysail.common.ext.dbviewer
skysail.fragment.commons.dbcp created by skysail archetype bundle skysail.fragment.commons.dbcp
Skysail Karaf Distribution Branding Bundle bundle skysail.karaf.distribution.branding
SKYSAIL :: product :: notes :: static bundle skysail.product.notes.static
skysail server configuration byPropertiesService bundle skysail.server.configuration.byPropertiesService
skysail server eclipselink extension bundle skysail.server.eclipselink
skysail dbviewer server extension bundle skysail.server.ext.dbviewer
SKYSAIL :: server :: ext :: notes :: db bundle skysail.server.ext.notes.db
skysail server freemarker extension bundle skysail.server.freemarker

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