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DICTIONARY-BASED COMPOUND SPLITTER FOR GERMAN BananaSplit is a compound splitter for German that uses a dictionary resource. The dictionary can be either a simple word list, or a word list equipped with POS values, or an XML based dictionary. The original version was able to use GermaNet as a dictionary. This is useful in applications that rely on GermaNet anyway: no additional lexicon needs to be generated and held in memory. This was also the original purpose of BananaSplit. It served as a compound splitter for a tool called BananaRelation. BananaRelation cannot be published here as it makes heavy use of unpublished code by EML Research, Heidelberg. BananaSplit can either be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated into other Java programs (as a library). This program emerged from the seminar Lexical Semantic Processing in NLP (winter term 2005/2006) taught by Iryna Gurevych at the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Tübingen. Both BananaSplit and BananaRelation were introduced to the seminar participants on 17th of December, 2005. The key algorithm for compound splitting is based on Langer (1998). The program came to use in Müller and Gurevych (2006). Please note that the program splits compounds into two parts only. Details are given in the documents linked below.

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