group: de.dentrassi.eclipse.neoscada.base

fresh name packaging artifact id
Eclipse SCADA Core (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.core
Eclipse SCADA Security (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec
Eclipse SCADA Security OSGi (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.osgi
Eclipse SCADA DA (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.ds
Eclipse SCADA Historical Data Storage (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.hds
Security Utilities (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.utils
Extractor Framework jar org.eclipse.scada.base.extractor
Eclipse SCADA DS Storage (Incubation) jar
Eclipse SCADA Security Plain Property Provider (Incubation) jar
Base Json Types (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.base.json
Eclipse SCADA Security Audit Service based on SLF4J (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.audit.log.slf4j
Eclipse SCADA Security Logon Authorization (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.auth.logon
Persistent Queue Service jar org.eclipse.scada.base.pipe
MQTT based extrators jar org.eclipse.scada.base.extractor.mqtt
Eclipse SCADA Security Authenticator Configuration Priori (Incubation)ty Based jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.authn.osgi.cfg.priority
Eclipse SCADA Security Equinox JAAS Integration (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.equinox
Documentation (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.base.doc.isv
Eclipse SCADA Security Dummy Provider (Incubation) jar org.eclipse.scada.sec.provider.dummy
Eclipse SCADA DS File Storage (Incubation) jar
Eclipse SCADA DS JDBC Storage (Incubation) jar

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