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This module defines the interface for AlignmentAlgorithms as well as some helper classes. An AlignmentAlgorithm computes an Alignment of two given input sequences, given a Comparator that works in these sequences. More details on the AlignmentAlgorithm can be found in the respective interface. More information on Comparators can be found in the comparators module. The resulting 'Alignment' may be just a real-valued dissimilarity between the input sequence or may incorporate additional information, such as a full Alignment, a PathList, a PathMap or a CooptimalModel. If those results support the calculation of a Gradient, they implement the DerivableAlignmentDistance interface. In more detail, the Alignment class represents the result of a backtracing scheme, listing all Operations that have been applied in one co-optimal Alignment. A classic AlignmentAlgorithm does not result in a differentiable dissimilarity, because the minimum function is not differentiable. Therefore, this package also contains utility functions for a soft approximation of the minimum function, namely Softmin. For faster (parallel) computation of many different alignments or gradients we also provide the ParallelProcessingEngine, the SquareParallelProcessingEngine and the ParallelGradientEngine.

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