group: com.yammer.metrics

fresh name packaging artifact id
retired Metrics Core Library jar metrics-core
retired Metrics Ganglia Support jar metrics-ganglia
Metrics Guice Support jar metrics-guice
retired Metrics Servlet Support jar metrics-servlet
retired Metrics Graphite Support jar metrics-graphite
Metrics Jetty Support jar metrics-jetty
retired Metrics Annotations jar metrics-annotation
retired Metrics Logback Support bundle metrics-logback
retired Metrics HttpClient Support jar metrics-httpclient
Metrics Web Application Support jar metrics-web
retired Metrics Jersey Support bundle metrics-jersey
retired Metrics JDBI Support jar metrics-jdbi
Metrics for Scala 2.9.1 jar metrics-scala_2.9.1
Metrics Spring Support jar metrics-spring
retired Metrics Log4j Support jar metrics-log4j
retired Metrics Ehcache Support jar metrics-ehcache
retired Metrics Health Checks bundle metrics-healthchecks
retired Metrics Utility Servlets bundle metrics-servlets
retired Metrics JVM Instrumentation bundle metrics-jvm
retired JSON Support for Metrics bundle metrics-json
Metrics AOP Support jar metrics-aop
retired Metrics Support for Jetty 8 bundle metrics-jetty8
retired Metrics Parent pom metrics-parent

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