group: com.wix

fresh name packaging artifact id
accord-core jar accord-core_2.11
accord-core jar accord-core_2.10
Wix Embedded MySql jar wix-embedded-mysql
accord-api jar accord-api_2.10
accord-api jar accord-api_2.11
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_2.10
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_2.11
accord-api jar accord-api_2.12
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_2.12
accord-api jar accord-api_sjs0.6_2.11
Wix Petri Core jar wix-petri-core
http-testkit-core jar http-testkit-core_2.12
http-testkit-core jar http-testkit-core_2.11
accord-core jar accord-core_2.12
accord-api jar accord-api_sjs0.6_2.12
Laboratory Spring Integration jar petri-server-core
accord-api jar accord-api_sjs0.6_2.10
Test Utils jar petri-test-utils
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_sjs0.6_2.11
accord-api jar accord-api_2.12.0-M5
Laboratory Servlet API Integration jar laboratory-servlet-api-integration
http-testkit-specs2 jar http-testkit-specs2_2.12
accord-specs2-3.x jar accord-specs2-3-x_2.11
http-testkit-specs2 jar http-testkit-specs2_2.11
Wix OSS CI Pigs maven-plugin wix-oss-ci-police
http-testkit-marshaller-jackson jar http-testkit-marshaller-jackson_2.11
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_sjs0.6_2.12
http-testkit-marshaller-jackson jar http-testkit-marshaller-jackson_2.12
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_sjs0.6_2.10
http-testkit-client jar http-testkit-client_2.11
accord-api jar accord-api_sjs0.6_2.12.0-M5
http-testkit-client jar http-testkit-client_2.12
specs2-jmock jar specs2-jmock_2.11
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_2.12.0-M5
http-testkit-server jar http-testkit-server_2.12
http-testkit-server jar http-testkit-server_2.11
Sample Petri App war sample-petri-app
accord-scalatest jar accord-scalatest_sjs0.6_2.12.0-M5
accord-core jar accord-core_2.12.0-M5
Petri Server jar petri-server
Laboratory Spring Integration jar laboratory-spring-integration
Wix OSS CI Police - Aggregator pom wix-oss-ci-police-aggregator
accord-core jar accord-core_sjs0.6_2.10
accord-core jar accord-core_sjs0.6_2.11
accord-core jar accord-core_sjs0.6_2.12
accord-core jar accord-core_sjs0.6_2.12.0-M5
accord-java8 jar accord-java8_2.11
accord-java8 jar accord-java8_2.12
accord-joda jar accord-joda_2.11
accord-joda jar accord-joda_2.12
accord-specs2 jar accord-specs2_2.10
accord-specs2 jar accord-specs2_2.11
accord-specs2 jar accord-specs2_2.12
accord-specs2 jar accord-specs2_2.12.0-M5
accord-specs2-3.x jar accord-specs2-3-x_2.10
accord-spring3 jar accord-spring3_2.10
accord-spring3 jar accord-spring3_2.11
accord-spring3 jar accord-spring3_2.12
accord-spring3 jar accord-spring3_2.12.0-M5
End To End Tests jar e2e-tests
future-perfect jar future-perfect_2.10
future-perfect jar future-perfect_2.11
Http Testkit jar http-testkit_2.11
Http Testkit jar http-testkit_2.12
Media Platform SDK jar media-platform-java-sdk
Peninsula jar peninsula
Runnable Petri Server jar runnable-petri-server
Sample Extended Filters jar sample-extended-filters
specs2-jmock jar specs2-jmock_2.10
specs2-jmock jar specs2-jmock_2.12
Wix Embedded Mysql Download and Extract jar wix-embedded-mysql-download-and-extract
Wix Embedded MySql Modules aggregator pom wix-embedded-mysql-modules
Wix Open Source Parent pom wix-os-parent
Wix OSS CI Pigs - Tests Module jar wix-oss-ci-police-tests-module
WOJ pom wix-oss-java-parent
WOP pom wix-oss-parent
WOPA pom wix-oss-parents
WOPA pom wix-oss-parents-aggregator
WOPPA pom wix-oss-parents-parent
WOS pom wix-oss-scala-parent
Wix OSS License pom wix-oss-superduper-license-certified-by-legal
Wix Petri pom wix-petri

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