group: com.sun.enterprise

fresh name packaging artifact id
HK2 module of HK2 itself hk2-jar hk2
HK2 core module jar hk2-core
HK2 configuration module jar config
Inversion of Control / Autodependency mechanism jar auto-depends
Inhabitants' index generator jar auto-depends-plugin
HK2 OSGi Adapter jar osgi-adapter
Module system maven support jar hk2-maven
org.jvnet.tiger-types repackaged as module jar tiger-types-osgi
HK2 config types hk2-jar config-types
HK2 configuration reader generator module jar config-generator
HK2 test harness jar test-harness
Static Analyser for verifying module dependency jar hk2-dependency-verifier
HK2 OSGi Main Bundle jar osgi-main
StAX API and Woodstox OSGi repackaging jar stax-osgi jar
OSGi repackaging of HK2 dependencies pom external
Inhabitants' index generator testing hk2-jar auto-depends-plugin-test
consolidated bundle Maven plugin maven-plugin consolidatedbundle-maven-plugin
hk2-dependency-visualizer jar hk2-dependency-visualizer
JSR-330 support in Hk2 hk2-jar hk2-jsr330
Maven Plugin for hk2 maven-plugin hk2-maven-plugin
Modules Subsystem pom hk2-parent
Maven Plugin for computing OSGi versions from Maven versions maven-plugin osgiversion-maven-plugin

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