group: com.squareup

fresh name packaging artifact id
JavaPoet jar javapoet
Otto jar otto
JavaWriter jar javawriter
ProtoParser jar protoparser
FEST for Android jar fest-android
Tape jar tape
KotlinPoet jar kotlinpoet
Pollexor jar pollexor
Dagger jar dagger
Android-TimesSquare aar android-times-square
Seismic jar seismic
Dagger Compiler jar dagger-compiler
connect jar connect
GIF Encoder jar gifencoder
Dagger (Parent) pom dagger-parent
Otto (Parent) pom otto-parent
Otto Sample apk otto-sample
Dagger AndroidManifest.xml Module Generator maven-plugin dagger-androidmanifest-plugin
Android-TimesSquare Sample apk android-times-square-sample
Dagger Example jar dagger-example
Seismic (Parent) pom seismic-parent
Seismic Sample apk seismic-sample
Android-TimesSquare (Parent) pom android-times-square-parent
Tape (Parent) pom tape-parent
Tape Android Sample apk tape-sample

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