group: com.spotify

fresh name packaging artifact id
Helios Client jar helios-client
docker-client jar docker-client
Helios Service Registration jar helios-service-registration
completable-futures jar completable-futures
Helios Testing Common Library jar helios-testing-common
Helios System Tests jar helios-system-tests
Helios Tools jar helios-tools
Spotify Styx Common jar styx-common
Helios Services jar helios-services
Spotify Styx Testing Utilities jar styx-test
logging jar logging
Helios Testing Library jar helios-testing
Spotify Apollo Testing Helpers jar apollo-test
Spotify Apollo API Interfaces jar apollo-api
scio-core jar scio-core_2.11
Spotify Apollo Entity Middleware jar apollo-entity
Spotify Styx Schedule Source API jar styx-schedule-source
ssh-agent-proxy jar ssh-agent-proxy
Spotify Styx API Service jar styx-api-service
Spotify Styx Scheduler Service jar styx-scheduler-service
scio-test jar scio-test_2.11
Spotify Styx Local Files Schedule Source jar styx-local-files-source
Spotify Apollo HTTP Service jar apollo-http-service
Spotify Apollo Metrics Module jar apollo-metrics
Spotify Apollo Service Core (aka Leto) jar apollo-core
scio-core jar scio-core_2.12
Spotify Apollo API Environment jar apollo-environment
scio-test jar scio-test_2.12
featran jar featran-core_2.11
scio-core jar scio-core_2.10
scio-schemas jar scio-schemas_2.11
ssh-agent-tls jar ssh-agent-tls
Spotify Apollo API Implementations jar apollo-api-impl
Spotify Styx CLI jar styx-cli
Spotify Styx API Client jar styx-client
annoy jar annoy
Flo Workflow Definition jar flo-workflow
scio-extra jar scio-extra_2.11
scio-bigquery jar scio-bigquery_2.11
scio-schemas jar scio-schemas_2.10
Spotify Apollo okhttp Client Module jar apollo-okhttp-client
featran jar featran-core_2.12
futures-extra jar futures-extra
Spotify DNS wrapper library bundle dns
Flo API Generator jar flo-api-generator
folsom jar folsom
scio-bigquery jar scio-bigquery_2.10
scio-test jar scio-test_2.10
Spotify Apollo Route jar apollo-route
Spotify Apollo Jetty HTTP Server Module jar apollo-jetty-http-server
scio-extra jar scio-extra_2.10
Hamcrest-optional jar hamcrest-optional
Hype-submitter jar hype-submitter
Spotify Apollo Extra jar apollo-extra
scio-avro jar scio-avro_2.11
Flo Runner jar flo-runner
scio-bigquery jar scio-bigquery_2.12
scio-extra jar scio-extra_2.12
Flo Command Line Bindings jar flo-cli
scio-avro jar scio-avro_2.12
Dockerfile Maven Extension jar dockerfile-maven-extension
Hamcrest-util jar hamcrest-util
docker-maven-plugin maven-plugin docker-maven-plugin
Hype-run jar hype-run
Flo Freezer jar flo-freezer
crtauth jar crtauth
ratatool jar ratatool_2.11
Hype_2.11 jar hype_2.11
flo grpc jar flo-grpc
trickle jar trickle
Missinglink-core jar missinglink-core
featran jar featran-tensorflow_2.12
ratatool jar ratatool_2.12
netty-zmtp jar netty4-zmtp
featran jar featran-tensorflow_2.11
featran jar featran-scio_2.12
featran jar featran-scio_2.11
cassandra-extra jar cassandra-extra
Client-tls jar client-tls
crtauth-agent-signer jar crtauth-agent-signer
daemon jar daemon
Hype-common jar hype-common
Metrics Munin reporter jar metrics-munin-reporter
Helios API Documentation jar helios-api-documentation
Hamcrest-pojo jar hamcrest-pojo
Hamcrest-jackson jar hamcrest-jackson
Hamcrest-future jar hamcrest-future
Hamcrest pom hamcrest
Hype_2.12 jar hype_2.12
Hype-caplet jar hype-caplet
Annoy-jni jar annoy-jni
Hype-docker pom hype-docker
Hype-gcs jar hype-gcs
hype - hyper executor pom hype-root
Spotify Root pom foss-root
Folsom-semantic-metrics jar folsom-semantic-metrics
Hype-testing jar hype-testing
Test - Flo Integration Tests jar flo-test
Annoy-java jar annoy-java
Missinglink-benchmarks jar missinglink-benchmarks
Test - Flo Task Runner jar flo-task-runner
Missinglink-maven-plugin maven-plugin missinglink-maven-plugin
missinglink pom missinglink-parent
flo service jar flo-service
netty-batch-flusher jar netty-batch-flusher
netty-zmtp jar netty-zmtp
ratatool jar ratatool_2.10
Flo Scala API jar flo-scala_2.11
flo runner root pom flo-runner-root
ratatool-scalacheck jar ratatool-scalacheck_2.11
ratatool-scalacheck jar ratatool-scalacheck_2.12
Report jar report
Flo GCS Tasks jar flo-gcs
Flo Contrib pom flo-contrib
Flo-bigquery jar flo-bigquery
Flo pom flo
featran jar featran-spark_2.11
scio-bigtable jar scio-bigtable_2.10
scio-bigtable jar scio-bigtable_2.11
scio-bigtable jar scio-bigtable_2.12
scio-cassandra2 jar scio-cassandra2_2.11
scio-cassandra2 jar scio-cassandra2_2.12
scio-cassandra3 jar scio-cassandra3_2.11
scio-cassandra3 jar scio-cassandra3_2.12
featran jar featran-scalding_2.12
featran jar featran-scalding_2.11
featran jar featran-numpy_2.12
scio-elasticsearch jar scio-elasticsearch_2.11
scio-elasticsearch2 jar scio-elasticsearch2_2.11
scio-elasticsearch2 jar scio-elasticsearch2_2.12
scio-elasticsearch5 jar scio-elasticsearch5_2.11
scio-elasticsearch5 jar scio-elasticsearch5_2.12
featran jar featran-numpy_2.11
featran jar featran-java_2.12
featran jar featran-java_2.11
scio-hdfs jar scio-hdfs_2.10
scio-hdfs jar scio-hdfs_2.11
scio-hdfs jar scio-hdfs_2.12
scio-jdbc jar scio-jdbc_2.11
scio-jdbc jar scio-jdbc_2.12
scio-parquet jar scio-parquet_2.11
scio-parquet jar scio-parquet_2.12
scio-repl jar scio-repl_2.10
scio-repl jar scio-repl_2.11
scio-repl jar scio-repl_2.12
featran jar featran-flink_2.11
examples jar examples
scio-tensorflow jar scio-tensorflow_2.11
scio-tensorflow jar scio-tensorflow_2.12
Dockerfile Maven Plugin maven-plugin dockerfile-maven-plugin
Dockerfile Maven Support pom dockerfile-maven
dbeam-core jar dbeam-core_2.12
spark-bigquery jar spark-bigquery_2.10
spark-bigquery jar spark-bigquery_2.11
spawn jar spawn
Dataproc Java Submitter jar dataproc-java-submitter
client-tls-tools pom client-tls-tools
Spotify Styx pom styx
Client-https jar client-https
async-google-pubsub-client jar async-google-pubsub-client
Async-datastore-client jar async-datastore-client
Spotify Apollo Slack Module jar apollo-slack
Spotify Apollo Parent pom apollo-parent
Styx-report jar styx-report
Apollo Elide integration jar apollo-elide
Spotify Apollo Bill of Materials pom apollo-bom
Spotify Styx Standalone Service jar styx-standalone-service
Helios Parent pom helios-parent
Helios Integration Tests jar helios-integration-tests

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