group: com.sdklite

fresh name packaging artifact id
I/O Foundation jar io
Sphere Logging SPI Module jar sphere-logging-spi
RPC Framework jar rpc
Gson Adapter jar gson
Network Foundation jar net
Utility jar utils
Log jar log
Sphere RESTful Client Module jar sphere-restful
Sphere Logging SPI Logcat Binding Module jar sphere-logging-binding-logcat
Android Gesture Detector Collection jar gesture
Sphere Hybrid SPI Module jar sphere-hybrid-spi
Sphere Logging SPI Binding Module pom sphere-logging-binding
Sphere Logging SPI Logback Binding Module jar sphere-logging-binding-logback
Sphere Utility Module jar sphere-util
Advanced SPI pom spi
Sphere Basic Example Module apk sphere-example-basic
JaCoCo for Android pom jacoco
OSS Parent pom oss
Gradle plugin for Android library publishing pom publishing
Stream Editor jar sed
Sphere pom sphere
Sphere Example Module pom sphere-example
exif jar exif
Sphere Hybrid Module pom sphere-hybrid
Sphere Hybrid SPI Binding Module pom sphere-hybrid-binding
Sphere Logging Module pom sphere-logging

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