group: com.sandinh

fresh name packaging artifact id
play-alone jar play-alone_2.11
couchbase-scala jar couchbase-scala_2.11
ammonite-ops jar ammonite-ops_2.12
spray-util bundle spray-util
ammonite-util jar ammonite-util_2.12
spray-http bundle spray-http
ammonite-runtime jar ammonite-runtime_2.12
akka-guice jar akka-guice_2.11
ammonite-terminal jar ammonite-terminal_2.12
scala-soap jar scala-soap_2.11
env-hack jar env-hack_2.12
env-hack jar env-hack_2.11
couchbase-scala jar couchbase-scala_2.12
spray-httpx bundle spray-httpx
spray-can bundle spray-can
scala-soap jar scala-soap_2.12
spray-io bundle spray-io
ammonite-compiler jar ammonite-compiler_2.12.3
ws-core-deps jar ws-core-deps_2.11
ammonite jar ammonite_2.12.3
ammonite jar ammonite_2.12.6
ammonite-compiler jar ammonite-compiler_2.12.6
zbase32-commons-codec jar zbase32-commons-codec_2.12
ammonite-repl jar ammonite-repl_2.12.3
ammonite-repl jar ammonite-repl_2.12.6
sd-test-util jar sd-test-util_2.11
sd-test-util jar sd-test-util_2.12.0-M4
spray-caching bundle spray-caching
spray-client bundle spray-client
spray-routing bundle spray-routing
play-hikaricp jar play-hikaricp_2.10
play-hikaricp jar play-hikaricp_2.11
play-jdbc-alone jar play-jdbc-alone_2.11
play-jdbc-standalone jar play-jdbc-standalone_2.10
play-jdbc-standalone jar play-jdbc-standalone_2.11
1pay jar 1pay_2.11
play-soap jar play-soap_2.12
play-ws-alone jar play-ws-alone_2.11
recaptcha-play jar recaptcha-play_2.11
sbt-scalariform jar sbt-scalariform_2.10_0.13
scalariform jar scalariform_2.10
scala-soap jar scala-soap_2.10
sd-util jar sd-util_2.11
sd-util jar sd-util_2.12
sd-util jar sd-util_2.12.0-M4
spray-servlet bundle spray-servlet
spray-testkit jar spray-testkit
subfolder-evolutions jar subfolder-evolutions_2.10
subfolder-evolutions jar subfolder-evolutions_2.11
subfolder-evolutions jar subfolder-evolutions_2.12
szbase32 jar szbase32_2.12
zbase32-commons-codec jar zbase32-commons-codec
play-soap jar play-soap_2.11
1pay jar 1pay_2.12
akka-cluster-seed jar akka-cluster-seed_2.10
akka-cluster-seed jar akka-cluster-seed_2.11
akka-guice jar akka-guice_2.10
akka-guice jar akka-guice_2.12
akka-guice jar akka-guice_2.12.0-M3
akka-guice jar akka-guice_2.12.0-M4
ammonite-shell jar ammonite-shell_2.12.3
ammonite-shell jar ammonite-shell_2.12.6
ammonite-sshd jar ammonite-sshd_2.12.3
ammonite-sshd jar ammonite-sshd_2.12.6
Android Image Crop aar.asc android-image-cropper
couchbase-akka-extension jar couchbase-akka-extension_2.10
couchbase-akka-extension jar couchbase-akka-extension_2.11
couchbase-play jar couchbase-play_2.11
couchbase-play jar couchbase-play_2.12
couchbase-scala jar couchbase-scala_2.10
minio jar minio
paho-akka jar paho-akka_2.10
paho-akka jar paho-akka_2.11
paho-akka jar paho-akka_2.12
paho-akka jar paho-akka_2.12.0-M4
php-unserializer jar php-unserializer_2.10
php-unserializer jar php-unserializer_2.11
php-utils jar php-utils_2.10
php-utils jar php-utils_2.11
php-utils jar php-utils_2.12
php-utils jar php-utils_2.12.0-M4
play-cache-alone jar play-cache-alone_2.11

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