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A Maven Mojo to download and "degenerate" non-maven projects into sources and binaries This MOJO is supposed to scrape and "de-generate" a zip file containing jars into a project's generated-sources folder, skipping items provided in the `src/` folder. It is intended to "mavenize-with-changes" an existing project and allow the user (of the Mojo) to replace classes which they do not have the ability/desire to recompile without setting up a full build. It can also be used to import non-maven projects by not changing anything. The itch I wanted to scratch was mostly to port libGDX to Maven, while replacing the native methods on Matrix4, without rebuilding the whole project. In essence - it's an alternative to patching someone else's project.

homepage: github.com/g-pechorin/degen
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last release: 5 years ago, first release: 6 years ago
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