group: com.palletops

fresh name packaging artifact id
pallet jar pallet
stevedore jar stevedore
thread-expr jar thread-expr
crates jar crates
leaven jar leaven
pallet-common jar pallet-common
chiba jar chiba
pallet-vmfest jar pallet-vmfest
git-crate jar git-crate
script-exec jar script-exec
java-crate jar java-crate
pallet-repl jar pallet-repl
locos jar locos
ssh-transport jar ssh-transport
api-builder jar api-builder
net-rules-crate jar net-rules-crate
upstart-crate jar upstart-crate
clj-docker jar clj-docker
pallet-aws-ops jar pallet-aws-ops
log-config jar log-config
local-transport jar local-transport
multi-test jar multi-test
pallet-jclouds jar pallet-jclouds
runit-crate jar runit-crate
pallet-aws jar pallet-aws
bakery-sente jar bakery-sente
bakery-weasel jar bakery-weasel
bakery-secretary jar bakery-secretary
bakery-om-root jar bakery-om-root
bakery-local-storage-atom jar bakery-local-storage-atom
clj-jclouds jar clj-jclouds
bakery-httpkit jar bakery-httpkit
leinout jar leinout
awaze jar awaze
discovery-api-runtime jar discovery-api-runtime
pallet-test-env jar pallet-test-env
lein-crate jar lein-crate
maven-resolver jar maven-resolver
discovery-api jar discovery-api
ns-reload jar ns-reload
hadoop-crate jar hadoop-crate
bakery-core-async jar bakery-core-async
rbenv-crate jar rbenv-crate
node-js-crate jar node-js-crate
cache-resources jar cache-resources
hadoop-config jar hadoop-config
riemann-crate jar riemann-crate
docudata docudata
docker-crate jar docker-crate
hadoop-book-example jar hadoop-book-example
app-deploy-crate jar app-deploy-crate
tools.cli jar tools.cli
collectd-crate jar collectd-crate
graphite-crate jar graphite-crate
ami-crate jar ami-crate
pallet-lein jar pallet-lein
cassandra-crate jar cassandra-crate
cli-cmds jar cli-cmds
postgres-crate postgres-crate
bakery-web-app jar bakery-web-app
bakery-jetty jar bakery-jetty
aws-instance-types jar aws-instance-types
uberimage jar uberimage
hyde jar hyde
Java-websocket jar java-websocket
lein-docudata lein-docudata
lein-inject jar lein-inject
haproxy-crate jar haproxy-crate
lein-pallet-crate jar lein-pallet-crate
lein-shorthand jar lein-shorthand
lein-test-env jar lein-test-env
hadoop-cluster jar hadoop-cluster
all-crates jar all-crates
meteor-crate jar meteor-crate
mongodb-crate jar mongodb-crate
openssl-crate jar openssl-crate
forever-crate jar forever-crate
pallet-codox jar pallet-codox
pallet-docker jar pallet-docker
pallet-hadoop jar pallet-hadoop
clj-fleet jar clj-fleet

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