group: com.orientechnologies

fresh name packaging artifact id
OrientDB Core jar orientdb-core
OrientDB Client jar orientdb-client
OrientDB GraphDB jar orientdb-graphdb
OrientDB Test Commons jar orientdb-test-commons
OrientDB Server jar orientdb-server
OrientDB Tools jar orientdb-tools
OrientDB Enterprise jar orientdb-enterprise
Orient Commons jar orient-commons
OrientDB Object jar orientdb-object
OrientDB Lucene full text index jar orientdb-lucene
OrientDB Distributed Server jar orientdb-distributed
OrientDB JDBC Driver jar orientdb-jdbc
OrientDB ETL jar orientdb-etl
OrientDB Studio zip orientdb-studio
OrientDB Native OS Code jar orientdb-nativeos
OrientDB Community Distribution zip orientdb-community
Apache TinkerPop :: OrientDB Gremlin jar orientdb-gremlin
OrientDB Gremlin Server Plugin jar orientdb-gremlin-server
Spring Data OrientDB Commons jar spring-data-orientdb-commons
OrientDB Distribution pom orientdb
Spring Data OrientDB Object jar spring-data-orientdb-object
Spring Boot OrientDB jar spring-boot-orientdb-autoconfigure
Spring Data OrientDB Graph jar spring-data-orientdb-graph
OrientDB Lucene spatial index jar orientdb-spatial
Spring Data OrientDB Document jar spring-data-orientdb-document
OrientDB Tests jar orientdb-tests
Spring Data OrientDB pom spring-data-orientdb-parent
OrientDB Crash Tests jar orientdb-crashtests
OrientDB Community Distribution TinkerPop 3 pom orientdb-community-tp3
OrientDB Gremlin pom orientdb-gremlin-parent
OrientDB Javassit Weaver jar orientdb-javassist
OrientDB Community Distribution Tinker Pop 2 zip orientdb-community-tp2
OrientDB - Neo4j to OrientDB Importer jar orientdb-neo4j-importer
OrientDB - Neo4j to OrientDB Importer Plugin jar orientdb-neo4j-importer-plugin
OrientDB Community Distribution with Spatial support jar orientdb-community-spatial
OrientDB pom orientdb-parent
OrientDB Community Distribution TinkerPop 3 pom orientdb-community-gremlin
OrientDB Community Distribution TinkerPop 3 pom orientdb-tp3
Spring Boot OrientDB Benchmarks jar spring-data-orientdb-benchmarks

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