group: com.nitorcreations

fresh name packaging artifact id
Useful Hamcrest 1.3 matchers jar matchers
JUnit Runners jar junit-runners
Willow messages jar willow-messages
Core Utils jar core-utils
nflow-engine jar nflow-engine
Willow utilities jar willow-utils
nflow-jetty jar nflow-jetty
Willow ssh-agent authentication jar willow-sshagent-auth
nflow-metrics jar nflow-metrics
nflow-rest-api jar nflow-rest-api
Willow logging common functionality jar willow-logging-common
Test utilities for Wicket 6 / Mockito projects jar wicket-test-utils
Useful Hamcrest 1.3 matchers for Wicket 6 projects jar wicket-matchers
Willow logging for jetty jar willow-logging-jetty
drm-core jar drm-core
Apache Tomcat Maven Plugin :: Tomcat 8.x War Runner jar tomcat8-war-runner
Useful Wicket 6 components, models and other stuff jar wicket-components
wicket-metrics jar wicket-metrics
Willow autoscaler jar willow-autoscaler
Willow deployer jar willow-deployer
Willow event handler jar willow-eventhandler
Willow logging pom willow-logging
Willow logging for java.util.logging jar willow-logging-jul
Willow logging for logback jar willow-logging-logback
Willow logging for Tomcat 7 jar willow-logging-tomcat7
Willow logging for Tomcat 8 jar willow-logging-tomcat8
Willow maven integration maven-plugin willow-maven-plugin
Willow pom willow-parent
Willow servers jar willow-servers
Willow simulate jar willow-simulate
XML Utilities jar xmlutils
aws-vault jar aws-vault
YamlTestUtils jar yaml-test-utils
Cloudy Maven Plugin maven-plugin cloudy-plugin
Developer Oriented Presentation Engine Maven Archetype maven-archetype dope-archetype
Developer Oriented Presentation Engine Maven Plugin maven-plugin dope-maven-plugin
drm-maven maven-plugin drm-maven-plugin
Domain Reverse Mapper pom drm-parent
java8-utils jar java8utils
javaxdelta sh javaxdelta
nflow-explorer pom nflow-explorer
nflow-perf-test jar nflow-perf-test
nflow pom nflow-root
nflow-tests jar nflow-tests
Puggly jar puggly
Shiro Authorizing Realm for Azure AD jar shiro-aad
Spring Property AWS SSM Resolver jar spring-property-aws-ssm-resolver

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