group: com.nimbusds

fresh name packaging artifact id
Nimbus JOSE+JWT jar nimbus-jose-jwt
OAuth 2.0 SDK with OpenID Connect extensions jar oauth2-oidc-sdk
Nimbus LangTag jar lang-tag
Connect2id Common Library jar common
Infinispan Cache Store Common Classes jar infinispan-cachestore-common
Nimbus SRP6a jar srp6a
Connect2id Server SDK jar c2id-server-sdk
Infinispan LDAP Cache Store jar infinispan-cachestore-ldap
Infinispan SQL Cache Store jar infinispan-cachestore-sql
JWK set loader with PKCS#11 support jar nimbus-jwkset-loader
Infinispan Cache Store Common Classes jar infinispan-cache-store-common
OpenID Connect Claims Source SPI jar oidc-claims-source-spi
Infinispan DynamoDB Cache Store jar infinispan-cachestore-dynamodb
DN Resolver jar dn-resovler
OpenID Connect 1.0 UserInfo SPI jar oidc-userinfo-spi
Infinispan SQL Cache Store jar infinispan-sql-cache-store
Infinispan LDAP Cache Store jar infinispan-ldap-cache-store
Token Event Publisher for AWS SQS jar token-event-publisher-aws-sqs
Connect2id Server LDAP Schemas jar c2id-server-ldap-schemas
Property source for Connect2id servers jar c2id-server-property-source
JGroups DynamoDB PING jar jgroups-dynamodb-ping
Nimbus JOSE with PKCS#11 jar nimbus-jose-pkcs11
Simple OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant handler jar oauth-client-grant-handler
OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant web API jar oauth-client-grant-web-api
Self-issued JWT bearer grant handler jar oauth-jwt-self-issued-grant-handler
OAuth 2.0 resource owner password credentials grant web API jar oauth-password-grant-web-api
OpenID Connect HTTP claims source jar oidc-claims-source-http
Connect2id Server LDAP claims source jar oidc-claims-source-ldap
OpenID Connect Session Store jar oidc-session-store
OpenID Connect UserInfo LDAP connector jar oidc-userinfo-ldap
JWK set generator for Connect2id servers jar c2id-server-jwkset-gen

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