group: com.nativelibs4java

fresh name packaging artifact id
BridJ (NativeLibs4Java C/C++ Interop Layer) bundle bridj
JNAerator Runtime jar jnaerator-runtime
JavaCL / BridJ bundle javacl
OChafik's General Utilities jar ochafik-util
JNAerator CLI and Studio Tools jar jnaerator
scalaxy-loops jar scalaxy-loops_2.10
scalaxy-loops jar scalaxy-loops_2.11
JavaCL Core / BridJ jar javacl-core
LibCL jar libcl
OChafik's Swing Utilities jar ochafik-swing
Anarres JCPP (with JNAerator modifications) jar anarres-jnaerator
JavaCL Demos / BridJ jar javacl-demos
scalaxy-streams jar scalaxy-streams_2.11
JavaCL Core / JNA jar javacl-core-jna
NativeLibs4Java Common Utilities jar nativelibs4java-utils
JavaCL Demos / JNA jar javacl-demos-jna
JavaCL / JNA jar javacl-jna
JNAerator's Patched JNA Library jar jna-jnaerator
JavaCL Generator / BridJ jar javacl-generator
JNAerator Parser jar jnaerator-parser
JNAerator Rococoa Runtime jar jnaerator-rococoa-runtime
OpenCL4Java / BridJ jar opencl4java
OpenCL4Java / JNA jar opencl4java-jna
Maven JavaCL Plugin maven-plugin maven-javacl-plugin
scalaxy-streams jar scalaxy-streams_2.11.0-RC1
Legacy JavaCL-JNA Parent Project pom javacl-parent-jna
JavaCL Parent Project pom javacl-parent
JavaCL OpenGL Demos / JNA jar javacl-opengl-demos-jna
JNAerator Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-jnaerator-plugin
Maven Velocity Code Generator maven-plugin maven-velocity-plugin
NativeLibs4Java Common Configuration pom nativelibs4java-parent
JavaCL OpenGL Demos / BridJ jar javacl-opengl-demos
JavaCL Interactive Image Demo / JNA jar javacl-interactive-image-demo-jna
JavaCL Interactive Image Demo / BridJ jar javacl-interactive-image-demo
JavaCL OpenCL Wrapper Code Generator / JNA maven-plugin javacl-generator-jna
JavaCL Tutorial jar javacl-dft-tutorial
JavaCL Tutorial / JNA jar javacl-tutorial-jna
JavaCL Tutorials Root / BridJ pom javacl-tutorials-root
JNAerator Parent Project pom jnaerator-parent
JavaCL Simple Tutorial Archetype jar javacl-simple-tutorial
scalaxy-loops jar scalaxy-loops_2.11.0-RC1
JavaCL BLAS / BridJ jar javacl-blas

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