group: com.madgag

fresh name packaging artifact id
JGit - Core jar org.eclipse.jgit
JGit - JUnit Utility Classes jar org.eclipse.jgit.junit
Animated GIF library for Java jar animated-gif-lib
JGit - HTTP Server jar org.eclipse.jgit.http.server
JGit - AWT User Interface jar org.eclipse.jgit.ui
Compression library jar util-compress
JGit - Console User Interface jar org.eclipse.jgit.console
JGit - Command Line Interface sh org.eclipse.jgit.pgm
JGit - Eclipse IP Log Generator jar org.eclipse.jgit.iplog
scala-arm jar scala-arm_2.11
Globs for Java jar globs-for-java
bfg-test jar bfg-test_2.11
Spongy Castle Provider jar scprov-jdk15on
scala-git-test jar scala-git-test_2.10
Spongy Castle core lightweight API jar sc-light-jdk15on
JGit - JUnit Http Utility Classes jar org.eclipse.jgit.junit.http
MarkdownJ Core jar markdownj-core
JGit - Ant Tasks jar org.eclipse.jgit.ant
bfg-library jar bfg-library_2.11
scala-textmatching jar scala-textmatching_2.11
bfg-library jar bfg-library_2.10
scala-git jar scala-git_2.10
JGit - Core Java7 Support jar org.eclipse.jgit.java7
Spongy Castle PKIX, CMS, EAC, TSP, PKCS, OCSP, CMP, and CRMF APIs jar scpkix-jdk15on
JGit - DHT Storage jar
Util libraries for SSH (specifically SSH Agent support) on Android jar ssh-android
JGit - DHT Storage Protocol Buffer Messages jar
Spongy Castle Provider - hacked about, unofficial release of Bouncy Castle jar scprov-jdk15
mini-git-server - Server jar mini-git-server-server
Lazy Drawables for Android jar lazy-drawables
textmatching jar textmatching_2.10
mini-git-server - Utility - CLI jar mini-git-server-util-cli
madgag Hamcrest Matchers jar madgag-hamcrest-matchers
mini-git-server - HTTPd jar mini-git-server-httpd
scala-io-file jar scala-io-file_2.11
mini-git-server - SSHd jar mini-git-server-sshd
mini-git-server - Utility - SSL jar mini-git-server-util-ssl
sc-bzip2 jar sc-bzip2
scala-io-file jar scala-io-file_2.12
JGit Archive Formats jar org.eclipse.jgit.archive
Android-PullToRefresh Library apklib pulltorefresh-library
Diff library jar util-diff
JGit - Apache httpclient based HTTP support jar org.eclipse.jgit.http.apache
bfg-test jar bfg-test_2.12
scala-io-core jar scala-io-core_2.11
Android ViewHolder ListViews jar android-viewholder-listviews
Use Newer Java jar use-newer-java
scala-io-core jar scala-io-core_2.12
bfg-library jar bfg-library_2.12
bfg jar bfg
rate-limit-status jar rate-limit-status_2.11
JGit - Core Tests jar org.eclipse.jgit.test
Android Pinned-Header ListViews aar android-pinned-header-listviews
scala-textmatching jar scala-textmatching_2.12
General utility and collections classes pom util-parent
bfg-benchmark jar bfg-benchmark_2.10
bfg-parent jar bfg-parent_2.10
bfg-parent jar bfg-parent_2.11
bfg-repo-cleaner jar bfg-repo-cleaner
Calculon jar calculon
GitHub API for Java jar github-api
Guardian Content Api Client Project jar gu-content-api-client
JSch jar jsch
Lazy Drawables parent POM project pom lazy-drawables-parent
Lazy Drawables - Usage Samples apk lazy-drawables-samples
Lazy Drawables instrumentation tests apk lazy-drawables-tests
mini-git-server - Parent pom mini-git-server-parent
mini-git-server - WAR war mini-git-server-war
JGit - Ant Tasks Tests jar org.eclipse.jgit.ant.test
JGit - HTTP Tests jar org.eclipse.jgit.http.test
JGit - Core Java 7 Tests jar org.eclipse.jgit.java7.test
JGit - Parent pom org.eclipse.jgit-parent
JGit - Command Line Interface Tests jar org.eclipse.jgit.pgm.test
JGit - DHT Storage Tests jar
play-git-hub jar play-git-hub_2.11
Android-PullToRefresh Project pom pulltorefresh-project
Android-PullToRefresh Sample apk pulltorefresh-sample
rate-limit-status jar rate-limit-status_2.12
RoboGuice jar roboguice
scala-arm jar scala-arm_2.10
scala-io jar scala-io_2.12
scala-io-docs jar scala-io-docs_2.11
scala-textmatching jar scala-textmatching_2.10
Spongy Castle S/MIME API jar scmail-jdk15on
Spongy Castle parent POM project pom sc-parent
Spongy Castle OpenPGP API jar scpg-jdk15on
SSH interfaces jar ssh
madgag ssh library pom ssh-parent
string-score jar string-score
Toy ssh-agent for Android apk toy-ssh-agent
'Intervals' library jar util-intervals
Misc util jar util-misc
Android Maven Plugin - android-maven-plugin maven-plugin android-maven-plugin

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