group: com.liferay.faces.demos

fresh name packaging artifact id
Showcase Webapp war showcase-webapp
ICEfaces1 Portlet war icefaces1-portlet
ICEfaces3 Chat Portlet war icefaces3-chat-portlet
ICEfaces3 Compat Portlet war icefaces3-compat-portlet
ICEfaces3 CRUD Portlet war icefaces3-crud-portlet
ICEfaces3 Directory Portlet war icefaces3-directory-portlet
ICEfaces3 Documents Portlet war icefaces3-documents-portlet
ICEfaces3 IPC Ajax Push Portlet war icefaces3-ipc-ajax-push-portlet
ICEfaces3 Portlet war icefaces3-portlet
ICEfaces3 Users Portlet war icefaces3-users-portlet
JSF1 IPC (Events) - Bookings war jsf1-ipc-events-bookings-portlet
JSF1 IPC (Events) - Customers war jsf1-ipc-events-customers-portlet
JSF1 IPC Public Render Parameters Portlet war jsf1-ipc-pub-render-params-portlet
JSF1 JSP Portlet war jsf1-jsp-portlet
JSF1 Portlet war jsf1-portlet
JSF2 CDI Portlet war jsf2-cdi-portlet
JSF2 Export PDF Portlet war jsf2-export-pdf-portlet
JSF2 Flows Portlet war jsf2-flows-portlet
JSF2 HTML5 Portlet war jsf2-html5-portlet
JSF2 IPC (Events) - Bookings war jsf2-ipc-events-bookings-portlet
JSF2 IPC (Events) - Customers war jsf2-ipc-events-customers-portlet
JSF2 IPC Public Render Parameters Portlet war jsf2-ipc-pub-render-params-portlet
JSF2 JSP Portlet war jsf2-jsp-portlet
JSF2 Login Portlet war jsf2-login-portlet
JSF2 Portlet war jsf2-portlet
JSF2 Registration Portlet war jsf2-registration-portlet
JSF2 Spring Portlet war jsf2-spring-portlet
Liferay Faces 3 Portlet war liferayfaces3-portlet
Liferay Faces 4 Portlet war liferayfaces4-portlet
Liferay Faces Bridge Demos pom liferay-faces-bridge-demos
Liferay Faces Demos pom liferay-faces-demos
Liferay Faces Portal Demos pom liferay-faces-portal-demos
Liferay Faces Showcase Demos pom liferay-faces-showcase-demos
PrimeFaces3 Portlet war primefaces3-portlet
PrimeFaces3 Users Portlet war primefaces3-users-portlet
PrimeFaces4 Portlet war primefaces4-portlet
ICEfaces1 IPC Ajax Push Portlet war icefaces1-ipc-ajax-push-portlet
PrimeFaces5 Portlet war primefaces5-portlet
PrimeFaces5 Users Portlet war primefaces5-users-portlet
RichFaces4 Portlet war richfaces4-portlet
Showcase Portlet war showcase-portlet
PrimeFaces4 Users Portlet war primefaces4-users-portlet

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