fresh name packaging artifact id
KumuluzEE Common jar kumuluzee-common
KumuluzEE CDI Weld jar kumuluzee-cdi-weld
KumuluzEE Core jar kumuluzee-core
KumuluzEE Servlet Jetty jar kumuluzee-servlet-jetty
KumuluzEE JAX-RS Jersey jar kumuluzee-jax-rs-jersey
KumuluzEE JTA Common jar kumuluzee-jta-common
KumuluzEE JPA EclipseLink jar kumuluzee-jpa-eclipselink
KumuluzEE JPA Common jar kumuluzee-jpa-common
KumuluzEE JSON-P JSONP jar kumuluzee-json-p-jsonp
KumuluzEE EL UEL jar kumuluzee-el-uel
KumuluzEE MicroProfile 1.0 jar kumuluzee-microProfile-1.0
KumuluzEE Loader jar kumuluzee-loader
KumuluzEE JPA Hibernate jar kumuluzee-jpa-hibernate
KumuluzEE JTA Narayana jar kumuluzee-jta-narayana
KumuluzEE CDI pom kumuluzee-cdi
KumuluzEE WebSocket Jetty jar kumuluzee-websocket-jetty
KumuluzEE Bean Validation Hibernate Validator jar kumuluzee-bean-validation-hibernate-validator
KumuluzEE JAX-RS pom kumuluzee-jax-rs
KumuluzEE JSP Jetty jar kumuluzee-jsp-jetty
KumuluzEE JSF Mojarra jar kumuluzee-jsf-mojarra
KumuluzEE MicroProfile 1.2 jar kumuluzee-microProfile-1.2
KumuluzEE Bean Validation pom kumuluzee-bean-validation
KumuluzEE Tools pom kumuluzee-tools
KumuluzEE WebSocket pom kumuluzee-websocket
KumuluzEE Profiles pom kumuluzee-profiles
KumuluzEE BOM pom kumuluzee-bom
KumuluzEE Components pom kumuluzee-components
KumuluzEE EJB pom kumuluzee-ejb
KumuluzEE EJB OpenEJB jar kumuluzee-ejb-openejb
KumuluzEE EL pom kumuluzee-el
KumuluzEE JavaMail pom kumuluzee-javamail
KumuluzEE JavaMail jar kumuluzee-javamail-ri
KumuluzEE JAX-WS pom kumuluzee-jax-ws
KumuluzEE JAX-WS Metro jar kumuluzee-jax-ws-metro
KumuluzEE JPA pom kumuluzee-jpa
KumuluzEE JSF pom kumuluzee-jsf
KumuluzEE JSON-B pom kumuluzee-json-b
KumuluzEE JSON-B Yasson jar kumuluzee-json-b-yasson
KumuluzEE JSON-P pom kumuluzee-json-p
KumuluzEE JSP pom kumuluzee-jsp
KumuluzEE JTA pom kumuluzee-jta
KumuluzEE Maven Plugin maven-plugin kumuluzee-maven-plugin
KumuluzEE MicroProfile jar kumuluzee-micro-profile
KumuluzEE MicroProfile 1.1 jar kumuluzee-microProfile-1.1
KumuluzEE pom kumuluzee
KumuluzEE Servlet pom kumuluzee-servlet

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