group: com.intersult

fresh name packaging artifact id
Design Utils jar design-utils
JPA Fix jar jpa-fix
Application Support jar application-support
JPA Support jar jpa-support
Application Control Flow jar flow
Abraxas XML jar abraxas
JavaServer Faces Extensions jar jsf-ext
JSF Workspace Loader jar jsf-workspace
Domain Classes jar domain
Testing Tools jar testing
Java Code Generator jar coder
JavaServer Faces Spring Integration jar jsf-spring
Testing Tomcat 7 jar testing-tomcat7
Servlet Container jar servlet
Lambda Parser Generator jar lambda
HTML Client jar html
Abraxas Maven maven-plugin abraxas-maven
JSF Bitcons Icons jar jsf-bitcons
Live Code Replacing jar live
Maven Dependency Class Loader jar maven-loader
JavaServer Faces PDF Renderkit jar pdf-renderkit
Maven Properties Plugin maven-plugin properties-plugin
Time Series jar series
J2EE Server Analyzer war server-analyzer
Source JAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin source-maven-plugin
SSL Tools Maven Plugin maven-plugin ssl-maven-plugin
Thin WAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin thin-war-maven-plugin
WAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin war-maven-plugin
Chart jar chart
XSLT Maven Plugin maven-plugin xslt-maven-plugin
Artificial Intelligence jar ai
Dynamic Maven Build Plugin maven-plugin dynamic-maven-plugin
EAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin ear-maven-plugin
Byte Code Emitting jar emit
Encoding Maven Plugin maven-plugin encoding-maven-plugin
Finance Tools and Services jar finance
Add Source Maven Plugin maven-plugin add-source-maven-plugin
HTTP Protocols jar http
Abraxas Service jar abraxas-service

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