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fresh name packaging artifact id
Singularitybase jar SingularityBase
Singularityrunnerbase jar SingularityRunnerBase
Horizoncore jar HorizonCore
Baragoncore jar BaragonCore
Singularitys3base jar SingularityS3Base
Singularitymesosclient jar SingularityMesosClient
Singularityclient jar SingularityClient
Horizonning jar HorizonNing
Singularityexecutor sh SingularityExecutor
Singularityservice sh SingularityService
Baragondata jar BaragonData
S3-decorators-core jar s3-decorators-core
Singularityui pom SingularityUI
Horizonapache jar HorizonApache
Ringleader jar Ringleader
Baragonclient jar BaragonClient
Baragonbase jar BaragonBase
Blazarbase jar BlazarBase
Blazardata jar BlazarData
Baragonui pom BaragonUI
Singularitys3downloader sh SingularityS3Downloader
Singularitys3uploader sh SingularityS3Uploader
Singularityserviceintegrationtests jar SingularityServiceIntegrationTests
Singularityswagger jar SingularitySwagger
Slimfast jar SlimFast
Baragon pom Baragon
Swagger Maven Plugin maven-plugin swagger-maven-plugin
Baragonagentservice sh BaragonAgentService
Baragonservice sh BaragonService
Baragonserviceintegrationtests jar BaragonServiceIntegrationTests
Baragonwatcher jar BaragonWatcher
Basepom pom basepom
Blazar pom Blazar
Blazarclient jar BlazarClient
Blazarservice jar BlazarService
Embedsingularityexample sh EmbedSingularityExample
Failsafe-s3-decorator jar failsafe-s3-decorator
Horizon pom Horizon
Hystrix-s3-decorator jar hystrix-s3-decorator
Mason jar Mason
Metrics-s3-decorator jar metrics-s3-decorator
S3-decorators pom s3-decorators
Singularity pom Singularity
Singularityexecutorcleanup sh SingularityExecutorCleanup
Singularitylogwatcher sh SingularityLogWatcher
Singularityoomkiller sh SingularityOOMKiller

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