fresh name packaging artifact id
Sitebricks :: Core takari-jar sitebricks
Sitebricks :: Type Conversion ${packaging} sitebricks-converter
guice-slf4j jar slf4j
Sitebricks :: Client ${packaging} sitebricks-client
Sitebricks :: Persistence ${packaging} sitebricks-persist
Sitebricks :: Annotations ${packaging} sitebricks-annotations
Sitebricks :: Test Support ${packaging} sitebricks-test-support
Sitebricks :: Statistics ${packaging} sitebricks-stat
Sitebricks :: Channel ${packaging} sitebricks-channel
Sitebricks :: Extensions ${packaging} sitebricks-extensions
Sitebricks :: Options ${packaging} sitebricks-options
guice-stat jar stat
Sitebricks :: Persistence Module (Disk) ${packaging} sitebricks-persist-disk
Sitebricks :: Persistence Module (Redis) ${packaging} sitebricks-persist-redis
Sitebricks :: SLF4J Module ${packaging} sitebricks-slf4j
Sitebricks :: Easy Client jar sitebricks-easy-client
Sitebricks :: Archetype jar sitebricks-web
Sitebricks :: Acceptance Tests takari-jar sitebricks-acceptance-tests
Sitebricks :: Persistence Module (SQL) ${packaging} sitebricks-persist-sql
acceptance-test jar acceptance-test
Sitebricks :: Cloud jar sitebricks-cloud
Sitebricks :: Async jar sitebricks-async
sitebricks-tutorial Maven Webapp war sitebricks-tutorial
Sitebricks :: Mail Client ${packaging} sitebricks-mail
Sitebricks :: Jetty Archetype jar sitebricks-jetty-archetype
Sitebricks :: Parent pom sitebricks-parent

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